September 30, 2006: Week Two in Newark

As of noon today we will have been in the apartment in Newark for an entire week. It seems like we must have been here much longer than that. It seems strange to think that just six days ago we were in North Brunswick cleaning. I guess it shows what a long week it has been. At least Dominica’s overtime is over and Oreo’s daycare opens again on Monday so they can get back to their normal routines.

Lenovo announced yesterday that they too are recalling their laptops (after Alan Cox’s laptop exploded and called them into question as well) as they were using the bad Sony batteries but were hoping for the best, I guess? So they join Dell, Apple and Toshiba on my list of irresponsible laptop makers who knew that they had the bad Sony batteries and waited for bad things to happen before doing anything about it. And Lenovo, the third largest laptop maker, didn’t bother to do a recall until even evil Sony final broke down and issued a formal, all-out recall. That leaves, at least so far, Acer and HP as the only unscathed major laptop makers in this whole ordeal. Hey, what computer manufacturers is it that I always recommend? I forget. Can someone remind me? 😉

Dominica got up at eight after almost twelve hours in bed. She was really worn out from this week.

At a little before ten we went out with Oreo for his morning walk in the park. We can tell from his general attitude that he enjoys living in Newark so much more than North Brunswick. He gets tons of fresh air here as we almost always have the windows open, he gets loads of sunlight, he has more carpeting to roll around on and he goes for several walks in the park every day. Life is good for little Boston Terriers. And the concierge gives him cookies.

After his walk Min and I went over to Food for Life to get some breakfast. We got the seven mile high breakfast. Each of us. Whoa was that huge. We were so stuffed by the time that we were done. But boy was it good. We are so glad that that place is right next door.

We came back from brunch and Dominica did some homework and I got down to doing office work. The last several weeks have been just incredibly busy and I have barely gotten any time to relax. Around half past two Min and Oreo went into the bedroom and fell asleep. The big brunch made both of us really sleepy but I couldn’t nap because there as too much work to be done.

We got some rain this afternoon. The first rain that we have gotten, at least while we were awake, since moving to Newark.

I spent the day working. I put in seven hours today. Almost a full day. I was pretty tired by the time I wrapped up with work. More to do tomorrow but hopefully not as much as today.

I did manage to finish reading “From Bash to the Z Shell” that I have been working on for some time. I am glad to have completed that.

For some reason I wasn’t really hungry today and decided to skip dinner. I only ate lunch yesterday and then again just brunch today. Dominica had some leftovers from two days ago for dinner.

The fire alarm went off again today. That would be the fifth time since the middle of the week. This time the fire department was there by the time we went downstairs. We would have just stayed in the apartment, obviously it was a false alarm, but Oreo got so excited about getting to go out that we had to take him on his evening walk.

We went out for a walk to grab some supplies around eight but discovered that absolutely everything in downtown Newark shuts down at night and especially on a Saturday night. There was almost nothing open at all. It was weird. We walked down Broad, Market, Halsey and Raymond and found where a lot of stuff is but not where anything was going on. Sad that there is so much business here and none of it open. Even getting food and groceries seemed pretty hard. We did hear about Tops Diner that is supposed to really be something and is open twenty four seven. We are looking forward to trying that out sometime.

We watched Elvise Has Left the Building which we should have known would be bad being a Lion’s Gate Film which is a company that just produces bad B movies but John Corbett was in it so we tried it out. It wasn’t unwatchable and it had a few moments in it but overall it was a poorly written and boring movie and the whole thing was giving away in the synopsis on the DVD cover. And the actors were clearly not interested in the movie and it showed.

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