September 8, 2006: Uncle Bill’s Funeral

Originally I had planned on being in Ohio today but cancelled those plans yesterday so that I could stay home and catch up on sleep and work. It is going to take me a while to get used to Dominica going to work so early in the morning. She didn’t have to leave nearly as early today as she has the last two days because I am staying home and watching Oreo today so she is able to drive straight to work instead of taking him to daycare.

I slept in a bit and I really needed it. I have just been so tired all week I can’t believe it. I have not been able to catch up on my sleep at all. Going to bed early and sleeping in late this morning might have done the trick though. I am feeling pretty good today. Oreo, on the other hand, is completely exhausted from playing with all of the new dogs yesterday and he is totally beat. It took a while before he decided to come out and hang in the living room with me even though he has a bed and his pillow out here. I am really glad that I am working from home today. That really makes a difference in the level to which I am able to relax. No driving at all and my day is much shorter as my commute is two hours all by itself. Dominica’s commute is even longer but we hope that that will be changing very soon.

The big news today is that after putting in a busy day of work and working with my server engineers in Scranton the first test server is now online in Scranton! This is a very exciting day. We didn’t have anything working until almost the end of the day and there are still some glitches but we will get those worked out over time. For the moment things are progressing pretty well and I am very happy. Only a few more weeks and we should be able to move SGL to Scranton. That will be very exciting indeed.

Dominica had some shopping to do so I drove out to East Brunswick and met her on her way home from work. She went and did her shopping and I went to Borders and looked for some books that I need for the D&D game that I hope to be running in the very near future. I found the books that I needed and I also found a parrellel German and English version of Geothe’s “Faust” which I have never read so I picked that up as well. It is a really long play but a real classic. For English readers not familiar with Goethe, he is the German language equivalent to Shakespeare or as close as anyone gets.

We went out to dinner as we have barely had a chance to see each other all week. We went to the Omega for the Friday night mac and cheese. It was a different mac and cheese tonight, though, which was disappointing. It was still good but not the same.

When we got home we decided that we were so tired that we were just going to go to bed. It was not even eleven yet! Boy are we ever getting old. I did a little reading from bed but not too much.

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