October 7, 2006: A Morning in Geneseo

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning when the alarm on my Blackberry went off. It was half past seven and I probably didn’t get to sleep until after five. Two hours of decent sleep. Ugh. And after having driving all night.

I was quite happy when my morning phone conference was pushed back by half an hour. I was way too “still asleep” to be on a call at eight.

Dad came over around half past nine and the three of us went over to the Omega Grill for breakfast. It is cool going back there as they still have Dominica and my pictures up on the milk refridgerator! We ate breakfast and hung out there as long as we could until I had to get back to the house because I had another conference call.

Once my call was over around one in the afternoon we packed up the PR5 and drove over to dad’s to drop off stuff that was slated to go into storage at his place. Oreo was happy to get to go to the farm and just run all around. He does get wide open space very often and he has so much fun just running and running.

We were at the farm for probably an hour before returning to Geneseo and packing the car with as much stuff as we could fit and did manage to get most of the things that we had meant to pack to take back down to New Jersey. Our apartment in Newark has been pretty bare and this will help a little. The load of stuff that we took north really help to clean up the apartment.

We left Geneseo and drove to Avon where we dropped off a load of stuff for Tony. He got a laptop, laser printer, wireless VoIP phone and some books. A pretty good haul in general.

Min and I arrived in Utica around six and met her parents and her brother Joe at the Kitlas restaurant on the east side of town. That is an awesome restaurant nestled into the weirdest little corner by router 5s. Very strange. The place was apparently first a residence and then later a roadhouse or some sort of bar. Then it was outfitted on the inside to look roughly like a normal family restaurant but then the chef decided that he wanted an all out fancy restaurant so the menu is out of control at family restaurant prices. Very strange but a really great place and we will be eating there much more often now that we have had a chance to try it.

We spent the evening just hanging out in Frankfort. Min and I needed a chance to just stop moving for a few minutes. Joe just got an XBOX 360 so he played that some while we were there and we got to see it. Definitely was enough to convince us not to get one. It was nice but not impressive for the price at all. Nothing compared to a computer of the same price and there are no games out at all that we are interested in. Literally not a single one.

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