November 26, 2006: Driving Back Down to Newark

Today is our last day in Frankfort for Thanksgiving. We slept in a little but not very much. Oreo and Dexter came into the living room and slept on the futon mattress on the floor with Dominica and I. We are their favourite humas to snuggle with. It is extra hard to pull yourself out of bed in the morning when there are two snuggly Boston Terriers that want you to stay in bed with them.

We hung out at the Toccos’ and visited for several hours before hopping onto the road at around three in the afternoon to head back to Newark. We were worried that traffic would be really bad but with a small hiccup right when we got onto US 80 in Pennsylvania there wasn’t that much traffic most of the way. US 80 and US 81 at Binghamton were the worst spots on the road.

We were very glad to get back to our own place in Newark and it wasn’t all that late. We had made good time. We had even managed to stop at the Best Buy in Scranton on the way down and pick up an HDMI cable so that we can hook the new DVD player to the new television. It was a very successful trip.

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