November 5, 2006

The big task of the day is working on the wet rug. We decided that the rug is a loss and we need to dispose of it but doing so is going to be the real challenge. It is large and wet and heavy. This falls clearly into the “Scott’s Bad Idea Awards List”.

Dominica whipped up some breakfast this morning since we had gone grocery shopping last night. This is one of the very few meals that Dominica has cooked in our Newark kitchen. It is kind of weird to cook here. It almost doesn’t even occur to me to be a possibility since we have done it so little.

We had to forgo showers this morning since the wet rug is taking up the entire bathtub and there is no place to move it to. Quite the dilemma. We did some basic cleaning around the apartment and decided that it was going to be a total waste of effort if we didn’t go take care of the futon mattress issue. The old mattress is just a 4″ deal that isn’t holding up at all and is not comfortable and was super cheap. So we are getting something new to replace it with.

We drove out west to East Hanover to Futonland which was exactly like the futon store in Maryland that John used to shop at. I guess that there can only be so much variety in futon stores. We found an 8″ foam core mattress that we liked and a pink cover (guess who picked that out – it almost matches the former bathroom colour in Geneseo) and some pillows for the futon.

There was an Indian restaurant right down the plaza from Futonland so we decided that we hadn’t been able to get Indian food for weeks so we had to do that for lunch. It ended up being a really good Indian place. The food was awesome. So we are planning on going back there sometime as it isn’t really all that far from Newark.

We found a CompUSA right in the same area so we ran in there to get some silver thermal grease that I have been needing for a couple of projects and ended up finding So I Married an Axe Murder and Forty Year Old Virgin very cheap.

We came home and put the new futon mattress in place and got to work cleaning. I did more computer work than cleaning. Dominica did a crazy amount of cleaning around the house. She got tons done in addition to doing some reading for her Java class. She was uber-productive today.

The apartment is really starting to look good. I can’t believe how much we got done today. We took the old mattress that we don’t want anymore and we put the wet, nasty rug on top of it and had the porter take it all away. That worked out pretty well. Now we just have the nice hardwood floor that looks way better than it does with a carpet. Unfortunately Oreo really needs the carpeting because he slides all over the place and he needs someplace to roll around because that is how he scratches his back. He loves rolling around on a nice shag carpet.

Okay, of all the operas in the world that I will never see there is, of course, the Opera based on the real lives of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Wow. The end of the world is at hand.

We found out that our building’s bowling alley opened last night. There is now a reason to head down to the basement. It is too bad that I have carpal tunnel syndrome of all the people in the world I am now in that very tiny percentage that live in a building with their own bowling alley. What an ironic twist of fate has befallen me.

I was determined to get a podcast done over the weekend but I just didn’t get any spare time at all. None. In fact we didn’t get nearly as much done as we had hoped that we would as it was. There was just a lot to be done.

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