November 7, 2006: Susan Comes to Visit

Last night was all out cleaning night. We starting by attempting to assemble the new ninety-nine pound hall table that came from Target. But, as we were assembling it, we discovered that one of the pieces was broken. Dominica called Target and they are dealing with it but it will be at least a week before we have the replacement piece so now, instead of the having a hall table that will help to eliminate a lot of clutter in the apartment, we now have a very large unassembled table that we have to store all over the apartment in addition to all of the packing material that has to be dealt with. Dominica did the best that she could assembling what bits that she could and getting everything else packed away in the apartment. But what a pain.

We got the rest of the apartment stuff cleaned up including getting all of the servers stored away somewhere. It is a good thing that we have house guests from time to time or else we would never get everything put away from moving in. Dominica did the bulk of the cleaning but I did help. I also spent some time with Oreo and did some catching up on That ’70s Show since Dominica had secretly gone ahead and watched the last third of the series without me.

This morning I ended up working from home until almost noon. During that time I managed to take the Nikon and get some good pictures (I hope) of the apartment and then I took the Kodak and made a quick three and a half minute video of the apartment to share with everyone. That video I actually managed to get posted right away so a lot of you have probably all ready seen it. I also posted the first of Dominica and my wedding pictures since those were never posted online anywhere. Flickr is awesome.

I did some more cleaning this morning. The apartment is really looking good. I went to Food for Life and grabbed lunch and then headed into the office. Susan called before I even made it to work to let us know that she had arrived in Newark. I wasn’t expecting her this early. She has to work today, though, so she won’t just be sitting in the apartment all day waiting for us to get home – which is good or we would feel really had for not having gotten a television yet!

Boston's Best Cream Pie - Boston Terrier Holding Pie

I did a search on Google today for Oreo and “Boston Terrier” and discovered a few pictures of our little boy showing up on the first page in Google images! How famous is he?

Today was another very slow day at the office. It is a good thing that I got in as late as I did. I had almost nothing to do today and managed to watch a lot of old Rocketboom episodes that I have missed over the passed several months. I also managed to finish reading “Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About” by Donald Knuth.

Our plan tonight is to head over to Mompou for some awesome Portuguese tapas. I have been wanting to get some tapas now for weeks and I never manage to get over there so I am really looking forward to going out tonight. While I was catching up on Rocketboom episodes that I have missed while living in New Jersey I came across the July 6th episode covering the Worldcup from Newark’s Ironbound where we will be getting dinner tonight!

Some days you just have to kick back and enjoy some Exploding Dog like “This Is How People Get Hurt“. Check out Exploding Dog for cool, eclectic cartoon art.

Things were so slow today that I was able to cut out on the early side which worked out really well. I am hoping to get to Newark before Susan needs to get into the apartment so that she is not stuck dealing with the city on her own. We left a key for her but it can be cumbersome getting into a strange building when you aren’t used to it.

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