November 9, 2006: The sun is shining

Today is the third anniversary of my mother passing away.

Last night I got home and Dominica, Susan and I went out to IHOP by UMDNJ for dinner. After dinner we went to Wendy’s because the girls wanted some frosties for dessert. Dominica and I didn’t stay up for too long after getting back from dinner. I did end up having to take Oreo out to Military Park for a walk around eleven though.

It turned out to be a really beautiful night for a walk in the park. It was really bright and the rain all day had collected on the trees so that they all sparkled. The wine that blew all day had taken down most of the remaining autumn leaves leaving the ground a mat of yellow and the sky clearly visible. Oreo made me take him on several laps of the park so we were out for quite some time. But it was the best possible weather for a long walk. It was cool but not cold enough, even late at night, to warrant a jacket. We enjoyed our walk even if it was a long and unexpected one.

Today is my work from home day this week so I get to do a little relaxing and just wear jeans and a sweatshirt all day and hang out with Oreo. I decided today that I really love using Flickr and that for just under $25 per year it is totally worth it to me to have a professional account there so that I can put as many pictures there as I want, more or less (limit is 2GB per month – which is quite a few.) So I bought an account. Now my plan is to slowly copy all of my archival pictures up onto Flickr. I have been taking pictures pretty seriously since 1988 so there is a lot of stuff to post and it will take quite a long time to get it all up and with the proper tags, titles and descriptions but it will be really handy for people to actually get some use out of all of the pictures in the future. It will also serve as an important backup to my own picture archives. And now instead of manually processing each picture down to a small, manageable size I can just upload the pictures at their original quality which makes them more useful to everyone.

I lost my Internet access for a little while this afternoon when Cablevision was in the building. Perfect time to go to lunch. I met Susan at Subway in the building next door for a quick and healthy lunch. Luckily for me the local Subways all seem to have the veggie patty subs that are so uncommon back in New York. Dominica has found them before but I have never managed to get one before. I am not the biggest fan of Subway but the veggie patty sub finally gives me something halfway decent that I don’t mind getting every so often.

Dad discovered the MSN list of the ten worst video games of all time. At number eight on the all time awful list is “Make My Video – Marky Mark” which Dominica had for the Sega CD platform. But even worse, but just barely, was my “Smurfs: Rescue from Gargamel’s Castle” which came in at number six! Oh the games of our childhoods.

Susan had a gig in Allentown, PA today so she headed out that way this afternoon. Today is the first day that our in-building health club is open so we are excited to see how that is coming along.

Dominica got home and had a terrible headache so she took some aspirin and went right in to bed with Oreo to get a nap. I took the opportunity to catch up with her and finish the fifth season of That ’70s Show. It is amazing that they were able to keep the show so good through five seasons. I watched most of the first four seasons when the show was new. This past season I had only seen about one episode previously. I think there is one episode after the fifth season that I have ever seen. I have heard that the show mostly died after this season but I am interested to see what they did with it.

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