December 10, 2006: The Morning After and Returning to Newark

Last night when we headed to bed everyone said that we were meeting at ten in the morning for brunch so I pulled myself out of bed with only a fraction of a night’s sleep for the fourth day in a row and went down to see what the brunch plans were. I ended up being up almost two hours before anyone else got up except Dominica who got up around eleven.

Michelle got up just a little before noon and we hung out for a little while before Dominica came down to join us. John wasn’t alive until well into the afternoon after Kit had come over with Frankie and Buddy (John and Michelle’s pug.)

Dominica and I could not stay long today because we needed to get back to Newark so that we could get Oreo from his daycare before they closed for the evening. So we left Annapolis at two thirty in the afternoon. Traffic wasn’t too bad and I always enjoy the drive through the Eastern Shore on MD 301 and into Delaware. The Eastern Shore is so different from any other area that I ever go to that I always enjoy driving through there.

We made really good time and passed by Newark a quarter until six! That is by far the fastest that we have made that trip. We made it in plenty of time to pick up Oreo and he was very happy to see us but not nearly as happy as we were to see him.

We were back in the apartment by six thirty and Dominica and I spent the evening trying to get her done with her Java homework. She is on the final stretch now and just about done with everything. We ended up staying up until around eleven trying to get stuff caught up. We were pretty tired when we got to head off to bed.

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