December 8, 2006: Heading to Maryland

I didn’t get a ton of sleep last night but enough to get me by. Today is going to be a long day but this weekend is all relaxing, we hope, and should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the weekend.

Dominica left to take Oreo to daycare. If we manage to get back and pick him up by seven on Sunday evening then we will get to see him on Sunday otherwise we won’t have a chance to see him again until Monday night! That is a long time with our baby. This is his first time boarding at his daycare so we are hoping that he handles it well. He might get scared but since he goes there all during the week he will probably be okay. He loves being there.

SGL is still running today. Pheww. Backups will be very frequent from here on out. I haven’t heard about shipping times yet on the parts needed to go to Scranton but I am still hopeful that I will be able to be out there by the first half of next week even if I am only taking a single machine out there (but I really hope for as close to four as possible.)

My new half terabyte Samsung SATA hard drive arrived last night. Unfortunately I am too busy to have any chance of installing it until Sunday night at the very earliest. The drive is needed so that I can do video editing on Dominica’s computer because her current 80GB drive is totally taxed as it is. And a single MiniDV transferred onto the computer takes about 12GB of storage so you eat through storage very quickly.

Also waiting for me on Sunday night is SUSE 10.2. I am currently running my main desktop on 10.1 on 64bit and I am hoping to be able to upgrade to 10.2 right away. I am anxious to get to take it for a test spin.

My sinuses are really bothering me today. Maybe because I was in Geneseo yesterday. I haven’t figured out yet whether or not there is a connection. But these past few months have been really rough. The pain is really intense.

I managed to leave the office at four and run over to Men’s Warehouse to pick up my tuxedo and acutrements. That went very smoothly and I was able to run home from there and do my evening work from the apartment. Traffic was awful getting home and it took me forever. Dominica got home just minutes after I had arrived. While I did my evening work she did packing to get us ready to go. My work went pretty quickly and I was actually ready to go before Dominica was.

It was about half past seven when we finally got onto the road but that was pretty good because we were able to get dinner from Subway before leaving (while waiting for the car) and traffic was pretty light. In fact we almost never had to slow down for anyone. We made great time and were at John and Michelle’s house just after eleven in the evening. Early enough to be able to hang out for a little while with them and with John’s brother Adam who had arrived a few hours ahead of us.

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