November 30, 2006

I was up just a little after five this morning. I felt fine but I hate rushing around in the morning. I was late getting into the office because someone called down after me and convinced the concierge that he was in a hurry but then didn’t even bother to come down for his car after having made me wait quite some time for him. 🙁

Absolutely nothing happened in the office this morning. That is how I like my mornings. Very quiet with plenty of time for me to relax and to get caught up on other things. Like SGL and the Flickr photos of which there are so many now that I need to go through and caption and title. That will take a very, very long time to complete.

Oreo is staying home today. Normally Thursdays are Doggie-Daddy Day and he and I hang out all day. So today Dominica is going to walk him before going into the office and I will go home early and spend time with him this afternoon. That way he will still get the chance to sleep all day like he needs by Thursday.

My morning was pretty slow overall and I managed to get tons of images on Flickr titles and captioned. I am very thankful that I decided to go with the pro account there. It is well worth it.

I went to lunch with some of the guys from work. We went out and got some awesome Afghan food at Silk Road in Warren. I love that place. It is always so hard to get in, though, because everyone else loves it too.

I left work on the early side this evening around three thirty. There was no traffic on the way home which is great. I got home and boy was Oreo happy to have his daddy home with him. I had to play and feed him and then take him for a walk in the park.

Coming home so early meant that I had to work from home for a little while. Oreo wanted to play but I couldn’t spend very much time with him. I did get a chance to play with Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 which is supposed to be a major competitor with Ulead and Pinnacle’s video editing studios but it didn’t seem to be any better than either of them and didn’t have very impressive output capabilities so I decided against it and just deleted it. Not impressive enough to spend my time on. I can’t believe that no one makes a halfway decent video editing system considering how many people do that all of the time! Oh well, the search continues.

Susan and Dominica got home around six and we quickly ate some Subway and got ready to go out to the New Jersey Symphony. The symphony performed tonight at Bergen PAC up in Englewood, NJ which ended up being quite the adventure to get to. We ended up missing the split for the Local and Express lanes of US 95 and almost ended up in Manhattan. We were quite late by the time we finally arrived and had to sneak in after the first piece.

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