January 19, 2007

I had to be up on the early side this morning but with going to bed as early as we did last night I was doing okay. I didn’t get up until almost six which isn’t really all that early but boy was I tired anyway. I got up and got ready for work right away and was out the door before seven thirty. It was snowing this morning and the commute up Route 78 took longer than usual with everyone driving really slowly because of the weather. But there were no accidents during my drive.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that our building had a pipe freeze while I was out at lunch with Susan. I got back to the apartment and there was a waterfall cascading down the north side of the building and flooding the sidewalk. On the inside there was a little water coming down in the middle of the elevator waiting area. Apparently it was a pipe on the second floor and there was some serious damage. Our health club has been closed and we won’t have it back for at least several days. The rumour is that the damage is a minimum of a million and a half dollars and could easily be significantly higher. It wasn’t even that cold yesterday. I was very comfortable walking outside in just a fleece jacket which I did at least three different times for long periods in Military Park. It would never have occurred to me that a pipe could freeze inside of a building at such high temperatures. Just this past weekend Dominica and I were discussing how unbelievable it was that pipes had been freezing in Phoenix when it had only fallen to twenty-nine degrees. But now I guess we can see how easily it can happen. This was a well heated building where we are always complaining about how warm it is.

Today wasn’t nearly so bad at the office but it was still very busy and I was very tired from the whole week of working overtime and just being so busy.  I went out to lunch with the guys today and we tried a Costa Rican place in Bridgewater.  Not my style.  I will stick with Americanized Mexican for me.  The food was good but the vegetarian selection was severely lacking which can take away from even the best restaurants.

I managed to leave work on the early side and come home and wrap up the day working from the apartment.  That helped to keep me from passing out at my desk.  I worked until Dominica got home and then as soon as I had a lull we ran over to Food for Life and grabbed us some dinner.  Then it was back home and working until around ten when we went to bed to get some much needed rest.

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