January 22, 2007: Another Week of Early Mornings

Today begins another early morning week for me. I am covering the early shift for someone in my office but I am still off on Thursday (working from home.) I ordered my car last night so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it this morning. But, of course, when I got down to the lobby the concierge said that he had been telling the valet repeatedly that I needed my car but that he had not gone to get it yet. It was after six thirty by the time that I finally had my car and they were supposed to have gone to get it no later than a quarter to six. I guarantee that my whole week will be like this.

I got into the office and it isn’t as cold today as it has been. The office was quiet and nothing really happened all morning. I got the chance to listen to a very long conversation between someone in my office from another department and Comcast with whom he would appear to be severally displeased. Apparently they have been wildly charging him and refuse to refund his money and won’t do anything for him unless he prints paper bank statements and takes them to the local Comcast office. And apparently when he asked to speak to a manager they just handed him to someone else on the helpdesk and tried to tell him that even the top manager at Comcast doesn’t have his own phone extension. Then they told him that they would do research and call him back and tried to get off of the phone without getting his phone number. It was all exactly what I have always heard about Comcast. They are one seriously crappy company. I have never had a single person say anything good about Comcast except for the fact that they don’t change their dynamic IP address very often (not exactly glowing praise.) They are the most expensive cable service company I have ever seen prices from, they offer the lowest range of services, their techs have a bad reputation and their customer service is abysmal. After listening to this guy’s conversation I am tempted to order more services from CableVision just to spite Comcast is some ethereal “my cable company is better than your cable company” sort of way.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I managed to finished reading “Practical File System Design: With the Be File System“. For those interested in reading this book which is now out of print you can find your own complete copy online in PDF form. Dominic Giampaolo who wrote the book used to work on BeOS and is now working at Apple. The book was rather dry even for a fan of file systems like me but it was a good read and is considered to be a seminal work on the subject.

We got Ralstons their missionary domain name today: LaborersForTheHarvest.com. I am not providing a link because there is no web site yet. That will be coming in the near future. As soon as I have some free time to be able to work on it.

I left for home just a little after four this afternoon.  I was so busy at the office today that I didn’t even realize how late it was until after I should have already gone home.  Traffic was really light because I was heading home so early.  I got home in no time at all.

I did just a tiny bit of work from home tonight.  There is still tons to be done but it appears to be slowing slightly although I already know that I am going to be working this coming weekend quite a bit.  We had been hoping to be going to Geneseo this weekend but that will have to wait for another week.

Dominica got home and we went out to Food for Life for dinner.  She had a really long day and was completely beat by the time that she got home.  After dinner we came home and just watched some Diff’rent Strokes and went to bed early.  I read a little before falling asleep and Dominica played some Final Fantasy II.

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