January 28, 2007

When Windows/386 first released, Microsoft made a promotional video that they sent to their resellers to explain to them the benefits of the new system – mostly how similar it was to the more powerful OS/2. Google Video is hosting the original Windows/386 sales training video and it is well worth the twelve minutes it takes to remember back to when character based Windows were “cool”. Half of this video is sort of boring but takes you back to the early days of excitement in making “charts” from your spreadsheet data – I remember those days well. Harvard Graphics anyone? But then, halfway through the video, the crew making the video completely lose their minds and the insane ’80s show through. Err, burst through and take over. Oh to live in the ’80s again. Oh wait, I live in New Jersey. It is always the ’80s here. But so much so as in Texas. But it is similar in many ways.

We slept in a little this morning but not too much as Oreo got right up and decided that he wanted to go to the park. He was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for Dominica to be ready to go so I ended up taking him by myself out for his walk.

Zach and Susan called and wanted to get lunch today so we made some plans and Dominica and I started getting ready to go out. It was almost ten by the time that we started making plans so we didn’t have a lot of time before lunch. We didn’t know if they were going to come up to see the apartment today or if anyone else might stop by to visit so we got ready and then did a pretty good job cleaning the apartment. It is amazing how quickly such a small place can become such a mess. But the upside is that it doesn’t take too much to really get it clean.  We both felt a lot better after the place was all cleaned up.  I think that the mess had been weighing on us.

Zach and Susan picked us up in front of our building a little after noon and we drove out to the northwest to the Udipi Cafe that Dominica and I really like out there.  I think that Zach and Susan really liked it too.  Especially the palak paneer.  This was the first time that I have had curry at Udipi and it was really excellent.

After lunch Dominica and I picked up Oreo and we drove out to Harrison to do some quick shopping at Walmart.  We had to go because we are were totally out of bottled water (the water in the building is undrinkable) and we really needed a tire gage for Dominica’s BMW.  We had been hoping to be able to pick up the first season of The Facts of Life on DVD but Walmart has all but eliminated their DVD section so that wasn’t an option even though they had it on special display the last time that we were in the store.  We checked the tire pressure when we left the store and then went right over to the gas station and I taught Dominica how to check and to fill her tires.

Both of us felt really tired this evening and, for the most part, the evening was a loss.  We watched several episodes of Are You Being Served? and I worked on getting a working installation of BugZilla working.  It didn’t take too long and I have it working pretty well now.  My next task is to start a clean machine and document exactly how to do the install so that it can be done easily again.

Dominica made dinner and we just relaxed at home.  Just before we went to bed it started to snow pretty heavily outside.  I took Oreo out for a last minute walk before going to bed and he just ran out, did his business on the first pole he could find and ran right back in to get out of the cold.

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