February 1, 2007

I got up before seven this morning and got right to work. Oreo was hoping for a nice lie in today but no luck there. There is just too much needing to be done at the office to stay in bed late. So he trotted out to the living room and slept on the futon as close to me as he could get. He has totally taken over the futon as his very own, giant doggie bed.

At one point Oreo fell asleep on his back and started snoring so I looked over at him. His eyes were open but he was in deep REM sleep. I could watch his eyes darting from side to side wildly. At one moment he would be twitching each of his individual toes and his paws themselves. Then he would stop and switch to twitching his entire nose. Then he would move his jowels like he was grinding his teeth. Once in a while he would heave his chest in a silent bark. It is so cute when he does that.

We have discovered that we really love The Little Penguin Cabernet Savignon from South Eastern Australia. It is a very inexpensive but really awesome wine. I think that I like it a bit better than Yellow Tail from the same region. Today I also tried Black Swan. All three wines hail from the same region in Australia and all three sell for about the same price. They do vary and I think the The Little Penguin is my favourite.

Dad went over to the house in Geneseo today and retreived several more stacks of my computer and technology books that are destined for destruction. He took pictures of the stacks before carting them away and I have uploaded to the pictures to Flickr so that they can at least be remembered. If anyone wants any of them take a look at the pics and let me know as soon as possible. They will all be gone by Saturday morning most likely. There are a few that we are hoping to pull out and send to the school in Castile. Better than just throwing them away.

Oreo would appear to have come down with bronchitis – known as kennel cough in dogs. He started hacking and weezing around ten this morning when he got up. He has been extra tired all week and that would indicate that his little puppy body has been fighting the illness through its incubation period and now it has manifest itself. If it turns out that that is what he really has then he will probably take ten to fourteen days to get over it and he won’t be able to go fo doggie daycare all of that time which will be very sad for Oreo because he loves going there. It will also be extra hard on Dominica because she will have to come home during her lunch breaks during the week which is very exhausting for her.

I went over to Food for Life for lunch today. It was just a quick lunch. I called ahead so that I was able to get breakfast before they stopped serving it. The occidental pockets that they make are just amazing. It is sort of a spicy salmon egg roll but not quite.

I managed to convert a large number of Are You Being Served? episodes into XVid today. As we convert them we are able to ship the DVDs back to storage and get them out of our tiny apartment. Space is very much of the essence. And once we convert them they are so handy that it just makes sense. Since Dominica wasn’t using her computer during the day today I was able to keep the conversion process running in the background without interrupting me much at all.

I started packing today for the trip tomorrow. I have a plastic bin that came down with us the last voyage and it is getting filled right back up again with stuff to take in the other direction. We are starting to get pretty efficient at this.

Dominica came home and we enjoyed a relaxing evening and ordered in some pizza.  Nothing much to report tonight.  Oreo appears to be improving but it will probably be several days before we know if he is actually getting better or not.  We are hopeful that he just has a cold.

Since SGL posts a day after most of the time, I will take the opportunity to wish a Happy Anniversary to Art and Danielle Ralston!

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