February 14, 2007: Valentine’s Day Noreaster

I worked very late last night and didn’t go to bed until after two in the morning. I went down to the lobby and checked out the weather before going to bed. From the looks of things early this morning it didn’t look as though the storm would be all that bad.

Dominica attempted to leave for work but came back to the apartment with Oreo and told me that I had to stay home with him today because she couldn’t do the extra miles to get him to daycare and that I should be driving all of the way out on 78. So today became an impromptu Doggie-Daddy Day. Snow days are always fun. Even if I do still have to work.

The weather was so bad that Oreo couldn’t handle even walking outside. The poor little boy is not a dog built for winter conditions. I decided that it wasn’t even worth walking to Food for Life to get lunch so I just cooked myself some vegetable rice in the apartment instead.

Dominica made it to work just fine and was glad to be driving the rear-wheel drive BMW. As serious snow drivers know – read-wheel drive is the actual safer option in snow. It gets stuck far easier than any other drive but it maintains the greatest control and is the least likely to cause a high speed accident. This is Dominica’s first winter driving a rear-wheel drive car as they are pretty rare these days but she is already feeling its advantages. Scott Rear-Wheel Drive Rule of Thumb: If the weather conditions are so bad that your rear-wheel drive car won’t allow you to move – then the conditions are too dangerous to be driving in a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive car and you should be thankful for not having to make the decision yourself. Basically, BMWs force you to drive more responsibly but allow you to be safer when you are being responsible.

Dominica’s mother fell down the stairs at her home in Frankfort, NY this morning carrying a load of laundry and shattered her left wrist – breaking every bone in it. They faced closed roads and horrible driving conditions to get her to the hospital in Utica just to discover that the hospital there doesn’t have the facilities to handle a break of this magnitude and now she has to wait at home with an unset multiple break until Friday when they can get her into surgery at a hospital in Syracuse – which we are assuming will be University Hospital although we don’t know that for sure.

For the most part Oreo and I had a really good day just relaxing in the apartment knowing that we had no way to travel anywhere today. I even managed to squeeze in maybe an hour more of Dragon Quest VIII between things that I had to do at the office. But I didn’t get very much time in.

Dominica’s office decided to close early and she was the last one out at half past two this afternoon. It took her almost an hour to get from the office door back to 1180 in Newark and she was very glad to be back home. It worked out nicely for us as it is Valentine’s Day and we were able to spend a long evening together even though I had to work for a lot of the evening and we were not able to go out to dinner like we had hoped that we would be able to. Dominica made some vegetarian spaghetti for dinner and we relaxed while watching more of the second season of The Facts of Life. This is the season where they fired most of the girls (apparently the budget was too high the first season) and replaced the dorm full of girls (including Molly Ringwald) with Nancy McKeon as Joe.

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