February 17, 2007: Traveling to Frankfort

We didn’t set an alarm this morning but I was up just after seven and we were on the road almost exactly at eleven after having gotten ready, packed the car, walked the dog and got breakfast at Food for Life.

Today we tried driving up the eastern route up the Garden State Parkway to the New York State Thruway. Google said that by going that direction that we would shave fifty miles or more from the trip. They weren’t kidding. It took only two hours to reach Albany and just a little more than three hours to reach Frankfort! It turns out that it is only about an hour farther from Newark to Frankfort than it is from Geneseo to Frankfort. We were not expecting that.

It was about half past two when we arrived in Frankfort.

Here is some breaking news (read: is there anyone left who doesn’t know this) but at least the BBC is willing to mention the emperor’s new clothes: The US Copyright System is out of touch with the rest of the world.

Check out InPhase’s details on their upcoming holographic storage medium.  This is some interesting stuff – and not science fiction but an actual product already in prototype phases.  We are hoping to see this on the market very soon.  This could be the end to the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Discs as well as this medium would obsolete those storage technologies before they even began to get a foothold.  The reality is that the time for distributing data via physical media is waning and people need to start thinking of distribution over the Internet or intranet as the primary mode in the near future.  Disc storage is a potentially great format for long term, archival backup storage but not of online storage or for distribution.  The network IS the distribution!  (Someone is going to quote that someday.)

We just spent the afternoon and evening hanging out and visiting.  Joe is home from school with a pretty light weekend so we got a chance to spend some time together.  We all watching The Illusionist this evening.  Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti – can’t go wrong there.  Both are excellent actors and good script choosers as well.  The movie was nothing special but it was solid and well done.  We enjoyed it although it was way too predictable even for me.

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