February 20, 2007: Mardi Gras

Many of you know that autism, asperger syndrome and autism spectrum disorders tend to get followed rather closely around here. Today it was announced that scientist in New Jersey may have identified the metabolic processes that result in autism and are proposing a simple method of combating it. This is a long way from finding a “cure” and, I am sure, that many with autism spectrum disorder will be reluctant to be involved in anything that might remove the “disease.” For people with severe autism this is, we hope, a major breakthrough but the fear will be that it could be forcibly applied to anyone that falls outside of an arbitrary range of “normal” for fatty acid metabolic states. Many people that I know would be candidates for ASD testing as my industry has become famous for being a stomping ground of those with asperger syndrome. Asperger syndrome is often called “geek syndrome” and is generally associated with the types of mental behaviour that allow people to excel in highly technical careers such as IT, computer science, etc. where broad knowledge basis and the ability to draw conclusions from across many disciplines quickly is a major asset.

Today is the beginning of Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is literally Fat Tuesday but in English the day is often called Shrove Tuesday. It is the final day of the Catholic Carnival.

Francesca, the Texan Guitar Hero, reports that she still plays Guitar Hero II every single day. She has completed the game on medium and is attempting hard now. She is getting really good value for that game even considering that it is about $80. That reminds me that I need to play some DDR when I get home.

The day just flew by today. It was almost time to head home before I even realized that I had been at work all day. Long weekends make the work days seem so much shorter. And this week is just a four day work week which is very cool after having a snow day last week. I only have a two day stretch in the office today and tomorrow and then work from home on Thursday. We will be driving to Geneseo this weekend to do more packing and moving and to celebrate my thirty-first birthday. I am getting old fast! How did this happen?

I got stuck at work rather late tonight and didn’t get to leave the office until after seven.  Much later than I had planned.  But I got a lot of work done.  I got home and spent the evening sitting a the computer getting more work done.  Then it was off to bed.

I ended up having insomnia and watched Lord of War which I really enjoyed.  That took me up to midnight.  I didn’t fall asleep until almost two in the morning!

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