February 8, 2007

Last night we picked up my friends at Newark’s Penn Station and we drove as close as we could park to Mompou and got some dinner. Dominica and I tried their crab and corn chowder (yes, my second soup for the day) which was really incredible. We all had a really good time and the food was awesome as always. It made for a late night but we had a really good time. Next time we got out with them the plan is to go to Chinatown in Manhattan to some places that they frequent.

Today I am working from home. It wasn’t too bad of a day from a work perspective. Enough to keep me busy but definitely not rushing me off of my feet. Oreo wasn’t feeling well today, though, and had an accident sometime early this morning and got sick a couple of times too! But he was glad to be able to spend the day at home when he wasn’t feeling well. But I ended up having to do a lot of laundry.

For lunch Susan walked over from her office and we went to FFL for lunch. This is Susan’s first trip to FFL! Unfortunately they ran out of their signature nautical bacon (a bacon like product made from salmon) and so she was not able to try that. But she enjoyed her meal and will probably be back to FFL soon. I will be back tonight, I am sure.

This afternoon I got a chance to play about an hour of Dragon Quest VIII which remains, after about two hours of play, a really cool game that I am really enjoying. I am taking my time and enjoying the scenery, music and story – the way that a good RPG should encourage you to do. So far this game has done a good job of “drawing me in” and making me interested in the outcome of the game and its characters. I am still on the first “mission” so we will see how it goes.

Dominica went out to GameStop during her lunch break and picked up a wireless controller for the PS2, a component video cable so that we can switch the PS2 into HD modes and found a used copy of True Crime: Streets of LA for me for less that five dollars. True Crime isn’t normally my type of game and I don’t usually get games available for Windows on a game console but for that price it seemed well worth it. The game is one of the few high-definition games available on the PS2 which is how I found it. The game looks roughly interesting in that Max Payne sorta way. I needed something to play when I wasn’t in an RPG mood and this seemed to fit the bill pretty well.

Dominica got home and we went over to Food for Life for dinner. They had more bacon but I tried the fish and chips 🙂

After dinner Dominica spent the evening playing Kingdom Hearts II and finally managed to get past the point that Josh got to while playing her game while he was at the house this week. I did a little light work and played Lunar Legend on my Nintendo DS. I am just about done with that game and want to get to the end of it.

Right now we only have a television in the “living room” but the one that we have there is the one that we bought with the intention of putting into our bedroom. But the Sony PlayStation 2 that we have and the Nintendo Wii that we are planning on getting (once Nintendo gets their manufacturing ramped back up) are both games that really require space to be able to use (the Wii is all motion based and the PS2 has the DDR games) which leaves us with nothing to play in the bedroom even though that is where we would like to play maybe even a majority of the games. We don’t have the living room’s television yet so it isn’t quite a problem but it will be sometime soon. We can’t decide what we want to do. For starters we will bring down the Sega DreamCast that is still in Geneseo but we only have about three games for that that I am really interested in played (Grandia, Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue.) So that won’t work for very long. We will eventually want a PS3, we think, and there is an XBOX 360 in the building. So we don’t know what we want to do. It is hard to decide.

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