March 14, 2007: First Day of Graduate Classes

Scott Adam’s on the Dilbert Blog writes today about the BS of the Fossil Record. Just a common sense look at evolution today from a non-creationist.

I was very excited about have Zimbra and OpenFire servers up and running last night and was looking forward to getting to really get them set up today but by the time that I got into the office the systems were not accessible and I could not do anything with them. So now I have to spend the day wondering what went wrong and hoping that it is nothing serious. I hate when that happens. I really don’t like waiting all day just to find out how bad something is. Not being able to fix it is one thing but not knowing if it is major or minor is nerve racking.

FYI: Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003 today. I know the average reader didn’t just get his or her (most of my readers are her as far as I know) socks knocked off but for admins it is relatively interesting. You can learn more about the service pack and the Win2K3 SP2 Summary Page.

If you think that Microsoft’s new server patch set is exciting (and who doesn’t?) then you will be ecstatic to learn that Red Hat is released RHEL 5 today! Big news in the Linux Administration world where I live most of the time. I spend my days running RHEL 3 and RHEL 4 systems and have been looking forward to RHEL 5 for a while now. Unfortunately it released just too late for me to have a chance to use it on my own systems that were shipped to Scranton this week. 🙁 That is very sad.

If you are an audio blogger or podcaster and would like to add some simple audio to your WordPress page I recently discovered the WordPress Audio Player Plugin. It’s free and it’s cool.

I had originally planned on traveling to Geneseo tonight so that I could spend tomorrow and Friday packing but I had forgotten that we actually have two weekends left before the house closes and not just this weekend so I am waiting until Friday night as usual and will be traveling up with Dominica and Oreo as usual and we will be packing for just two days this weekend and saving any extra packing time for next weekend when things will be really tight. So I will be in Newark all week now.

I didn’t take lunch until very late in the afternoon. Around two. A friend in the office and I went to Silk Road for Afghan food.

This afternoon I was able to log into my class at RIT and get started for the semester.  There isn’t much to do yet but I got involved in the discussions and started getting into the swing of things.  Best to get started right away.  This is likely to be the easiest class that I have during my Master’s program so I need to be careful not to get used to the slow pace.  I have ten more classes after this and a capstone to do.  Forty-eight credits in total.  It is going to be a long road from here to there.

I got home and spent the evening working on the downed server in Scranton.  Turned out to be a power issue that we had nothing to do with which was a massive relief.  Everything is working now and we are able to start using the server.

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