Nutro Sued in Federal Court Over Pet Poisoning

Nutro, who’s low grade tainted dog food poisoned out Boston Terrier Oreo, Sophie in Pennsylvania, Rocky in Chicago and countless others is now being sued in federal court over the death of a dog from Long Island.  With the serving of the suit, Nutro is no longer claiming on their website that their food has not had any complaints against it.  Apparently the courts can still contact them even if their customers cannot.  Nutro has been accused by a writer to Dogster of sending out their account representatives to attempt to restock their tainted products in pet supply stores against the wishes of the stores in order to unload the bad food.  It is reported that pet supply store manager(s) have needed to force Nutro to leave.

So be cautious – by NO products from Nutro as we cannot be sure that they have not been sneaking contaminated foods back onto shelves and as Nutro was not disclosing the source of their ingredients previously we cannot trust their products now regardless of whether or not they are believed to be covered by the recall.  As it was Nutro held back some of their high-end brands like Nutro Ultra until after many of their customers had checked the recall list.  We are very blessed that Dominica decided to check the list again and found that Oreo’s food was not added until many days after the initial recall.

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