Oreo Update #1

Dominica and I went to the Rutherford Animal Hospital and spent about an hour visiting with Oreo.  We are very scared and he isn’t too happy about the situation either.  He was in pretty good shape while we were visiting with him.  He has been on the IV getting rehydrated for over an hour so he was a little bit more chipper although he has been generally healthy so far.  We wanted to spend some time with him too so that he would be more comfortable being stuck at the hospital all night.  And we wanted to see how he was feeling.

The word from the veterinarian was that his general and kidney bloodword were looking pretty good.  His urine specific density is low and the vet is somewhat worried about that and there is concern about his liver as whatever is contaminating the dog food is starting to show up in livers now.  But that blood work has to go to another lab and will not be available until tomorrow.  So we won’t know anything about that until tomorrow.

Just as we were getting to the clinic we saw the Channel 4 News crew leaving the hospital.  It turns out that they were filming Oreo for the eleven o’clock news.  He is so cute I guess that they couldn’t resist.  So now everyone in the New York Metro area (well at least those that watch the local NBC news at eleven) will see our baby in the hospital.

We aren’t likely to hear anything more tonight.  Hopefully we will have some good news from the vet in the morning.  We can’t wait for our little boy to come home.  We are asking everyone to keep him in their prayers.

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