Rocky Dies from Eukenuba Poisoned Pet Food

Rocky, a chihuahua puppy from Chicago, died from eating toxic pet food manufactured by Canadian pet food conglomerate Menu Foods.  Like almost all pets sick or dying from Menu Foods intentional sales of lethal food his death is not being counted because Menu Foods is not taking any responses from customers.  Customers with sick, dying and dead pets are complaining all over the web that there is no way to reach Menu Foods and Menu Foods is taking advantage of the situation to claim that there have been almost no deaths even as almost every American is likely to know firsthand an animal that is affected.

Sheep Guarding Llama has tried first hand to contact Nutro who also sold the tainted pet foods and got a similar response – an automated phone system that hangs up rather than taking a message and an email system that has been disabled.  All, apparently, so that their web site can continue to claim that no animals have been affected by their foods.  A complaint has been filed officially with the FDA and their intentionally blocking of customer reports has been reported to the feds as well.

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