SGL Vlog March 2-8, 2007

I had some time over the past week to do some vlogging from the car so I took out the trusty Kodak camera and made a vlog. I think that the commuting vlogs are getting old though. I need some new material 🙂 I have Pinnacle Studio 10 now to do some editing but discovered that Pinnacle is really basically unable to edit QuickTime (MPEG 4) footage which is all that my Kodak camera produces. So I had to revert to QuickTime Pro to hobble together the video and then used Pinnacle to create the title. I guess this is mostly the end of using the Kodak camera as a video camera. I am going to start taking the Canon Elura 60 with me everywhere. The video quality from that is quite a bit better anyway and I can record tons more. So look for new, edited vlog footage soon.This vlog entry is mostly me driving to and from work in Warren, New Jersey. There is also some footage of Oreo and I sitting at the car wash in Bloomington, NJ waiting for Dominica to get her car washed. The weather has been awesome this week so we finally got a chance to get out and get the cars cleaned up.

I uploaded the video to OurMedia in several formats so that you can download whatever format you want or can use. If you can use it, Xvid is definitely the best. It looks and sounds the best and still has the smallest file size followed by MP4 for iPod and then the much larger Windows Media Video file.

Download the Xvid from OurMedia
Download the MP4 for iPod from OurMedia
Download the WMV for Windows from OurMedia
Stream from the OurMedia Hosting Page

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