April 10, 2007: Uneventful

It was a totally uneventful morning. Nothing to report. At all. Nada.

Today was a busy day – but what day isn’t. But today wasn’t panic busy it was just workload busy. Lots to be done so I just spent the day plodding along getting stuff done.

Scott Adams in The Dilbert Blog had a good quote today that I am stealing and posting here: You can introduce some doubt into your life and still keep your religious faith, morality, and all of the social and psychological benefits you always enjoyed. Faith would be meaningless without a pinch of doubt to give it context. In particular, it would be helpful to doubt that your religious leaders know the mind of God. A little bit of doubt can be a healthy thing.

I worked like crazy all day long and we pretty tired by the time that the end of the day rolled around. I left a little after six. Traffic wasn’t bad. I got home and Min met me downstairs and we went right over to Subway. You know that you are well known in town when you walk into the Subway and instantly the manager is like “where have you been?”

I decided to relax again tonight and continued on my quest to complete Dragon Quest VIII. This is one of those rare video games that I do not grow weary of and actually continuously want to keep playing to get to the end and find out what all is going on in this fantasy world. I have a pretty good guess as to the overarching story but there are a lot of characters and interactions involved. One of the things that I love about this game is that I never feel “stumped” as if I just can’t get to the next section. The game’s challenges are just enough to keep me interested while not making it so difficult and obtuse that I get bored or annoyed and give up on it. So far DQ8 continues to be the best console RPG that I have ever played. This is one great game.

I had some work that I had to do tonight but it was pretty minor. We were off to bed early.

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