April 12, 2007: The Last Chapter of Slaughterhouse Five

It is so funny how Oreo really knows what his week schedule is like. He knows that he goes to daycare most days and is ready to go but on Thursdays he knows that he stays home with me and he just burries himself in the bed and doesn’t try to leave.

Kurt Vonnegut, renowned author of Slaughterhouse Five – the grim novel that gave us a vision into the horrors of the Dresden fire-bombing, died today at his home in Manhattan. He was 84 and a surviver of the Dresden bombing. Vonnegut studied at Cornell just around the corner from where Dominica and I lived in Ithaca. The main character of his greatest novel is buried in Rochester at Mt. Hope cemetery. And now he himself has died within site of my home.

It is a cold and rainy day in Newark today. I walked over to Food for Life for breakfast. Oreo is quite tired and sleeping soundly on the futon. Overall it is a slow day – very little going on.

I ended up doing lunch with Abdul at Food for Life later in the afternoon.  The rain was starting to stop around then.  I was back and walked Oreo at a quarter to three.  It was still cold and damp but we took a full turn around Military Park.

I got the chance to play a little Dragon Quest VIII before Min got home and I played a little while she watched.  She is really into the story.  It is a lot like watching a movie.  The story is very engrossing.  I have over fifty hours of game time in now so we are really entrenched in the storyline.

We ordered in from Nino’s in Harrison – we got real Italian tonight.  Pasta.  It was delicious.  We finished watching the first season of Bosom Buddies and then started watching the fourth season of Angel before heading off to bed.

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