April 13, 2007

The big news here today is yesterday evening’s car crash involving the New Jersey governor. The governor is badly hurt but we are told that his injuries are not life threatening but obviously life altering. He has a really tough year ahead of him, certainly. The governor was not driving at the time of the accident – a state trooper was and they were in a police vehicle, an SUV. (I point this out as it is possible that the governor would not have been hurt had they been using a well-handling car instead of a silly “sport” vehicle designed for soccer moms who don’t care about pollution.) The trooper was not at fault although there is some question as to whether or not the governor was wearing his law required seat belt. No one else in the vehicle was seriously injured.

The Catholic diocese of San Diego is being investigated for attempting to shield money in a bankruptcy hearing in an attempt to keep the money out of the hands of the people that were sexually abused by the church. In the article the author quotes someone as saying that the diocese’s accounting practices were byzantine! I wonder if anyone else gets the humour in this. Maybe the diocese will explain that their practices are Roman and that the Greek Orthodox’s accounting practices would technically be byzantine. It is the juxtaposition of linguistic and religious history humour that makes it so funny. I bet no one else thinks that it is as funny as I do.

In happy news: Evil corporation SCO is facing delisting from NASDAQ as they are not able to keep their stock at one dollar – the minimum allowed for trading under NASDAQ. Once a stock drops this low it is very difficult for it to come back and there is not much that SCO can do, besides starting to actually have a business model that works, that will get its price high enough to keep it afloat.

Not exactly breaking news but Germany is re-entering the space race after being the first into space with the A2 rocket in 1942. Germany has been involved in space exploration via its interest in the European Space Agency but now the nation is looking to return to space alone with an unmanned lunar mission.

I talked to the auto shop handling the BMW repairs today. There was a part supply issue and the car isn’t going to be done until Monday. So I have to extend the rental one more day. That isn’t exactly cheap but what are you going to do. At least there was no surprise damage to the BMW beyond the original estimate so we aren’t getting hit with any surprise charges. We were pretty worried about that.

I got to leave work at a reasonable time for a Saturday – about six thirty.  I was very happy about that.  It was a very busy afternoon but Fridays always are.  Nothing to complain about.  Considering all of the layoffs happening all around us just having a job is something to be thankful for.

I got home and Dominica was not in the mood to go anywhere and had ordered us a pizza from Nino’s in Harrison.  We ate pizza and watched the second DVD of Angel season four.  We are well into the episodes that Dominica has never seen.  I worked on recovering the SGL Podcast.  I discovered last night that all of my archives of the show that I knew about had disappeared and that the only copies of the show were the ones on OurMedia and the Internet Archive.  So I started downloading episodes so that I could store them locally as well.  I am very sad to report that it appears that three episodes are currently lost.  Episodes three, four and five were lost by OurMedia back when they had some serious retention problems and with my copies missing there aren’t any anywhere that I am aware of.  I do have CD and DVD backups at dad’s that just might contain copies of them but I doubt it and there is one computer that I don’t have here that could just possibly contain copies.  But those are long shots.  Most likely those episodes are just gone forever.  Fortunately they are early episodes with just me, no music and I wasn’t very good yet but still I am not happy to have lost them.  At least we have all of the Disney episodes.  Those would be awful to have lost.  But then I decided to check the AudioBlogger archives and all of my audio posts to AudioBlogger – which were many – are now gone.  Recently they claimed that they would be keeping our files up indefinitely but the very first time that I checked so that I could make copies of them the site and all of the files that all of us had there are just gone.  So there is a big chunk of stuff that I will probably never recover.  There was some good stuff there too like the “pick-a-little” girls from The Music Man singing after their performance at York Central with my cousin Sara and all of the “live” updates from Disney World that I did including the really good one from “France” when Dominica and I ran there in the rain.  I am very sad to have lost those.

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