April 15, 2007: Rain

Today’s quote comes from something that I was writing for my Current Issues in Information Technology class: “When I have children I hope that they use computers throughout every moment of their childhoods so that they are used to them and adapted to them as much as possible as their adult lives will be filled with computers and they will need to understand them conceptually as well as be able to manipulate common interfaces with ease. Computers are the pencils of today and the alphabet of tomorrow. Wanting to lessen our reliance on those things seems tantamount to wanting to halt progress for the sake of halting knowledge.” This came from a discussion as to whether or not we, as a society, have become too dependent on computers. Which, of course, begs the question of defining when we have become dependent upon any technology such as fire, the alphabet, printing-press, medicine, surgery, automobiles, knives, chairs, beds, etc.

Today is a day of rain. When Dominica and I got up this morning it was absolutely pouring here in Newark and it continued to rain all day long. We are at the center of a major storm system that is just dumping unbelievable amounts of water all over the eastern United States. We have heard that Upstate New York is getting a bit of snow from this storm too but it is a decently warm rain down here.

Today ended up being the second rainiest day in the history of New York City and the rainiest day on record for Central Park.  This is a major noreaster and it is expected to last for another day at least.  The storm system is so large that it stretches from Canada in the Gulf of Mexico but New York is at the center of the heaviest part of the storm so we are getting the most rain.

I spent a lot of the day today playing Dragon Quest VIII and Dominica spent most of the day studying for her Systems Analysis and Design class.  Oreo decided to avoid going outside as much as possible.  He enjoys sunlight a lot more than he enjoys rain.

I had homework due today so I spent several hours working on that as well.  It was a mixed relaxing and work day.  Tomorrow begins my early morning coverage week at the office so I have to get to bed early tonight so that I can be up shortly after five in the morning to get into the office by six thirty.  I enjoy my early morning weeks.  They break up the monotony and let me get home early to enjoy my evenings.

I didn’t end up managing to get to bed early tonight.  I was just heading to bed when a minor emergency sent me out into the rain to make a run over to the Carlton Hotel.  So it was after midnight when I finally climbed, soaked through, into bed.

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