April 18, 2007

I woke up on my own at half past four this morning. Apparently my body has adjusted to the early shift. I forgot that this coming weekend is a big work weekend. I have to go into the office early on Saturday and work all day. It could be as much as sixteen hours. At least the overtime will be nice. With the mounting college bills I can’t really complain although I would like to have some time to go home and enjoy the new stereo system that we just got assembled. Tomorrow is busy enough with me running up to Syracuse and back. And tonight running into Manhattan. It is going to be a long week.

Now there is contamination from rice protein in pet foods. Kudos to Natural Balance who were smart and responsive and pulled products from the market without any way to know that they had been contaminated. Their preemptive move to pull questionable food from shelves undoubtedly saved many pets lives.

Today was our day to find out if we still had jobs. We have a large round of layoffs going on at the office and today was my department’s day under the magnifying glass. But we came through and I am still working for another day. I think that dad and Dominica were a bit more worried than I was.

I got home and relaxed watching some Full House while waiting for Dominica and Oreo to get home. I am taking it easy tonight. Just a little homework to be done and then off to an early bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be an exceptionally long day so I want some rest. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep all week so I need as much as I can get tonight. I have been getting four to six hours every night which isn’t bad and I am not complaining but I have to get up just after five tomorrow and won’t be getting back home until after midnight I expect and then have to be up early again on Friday morning so I am expecting to be tired.

I was supposed to go out with a buddy from London who is in Manhattan for coffee tonight but I guess he got stuck at the office late as he never called.  He was pretty busy when I left the office so I kind of expected it.

Min didn’t feel like going anywhere tonight so we ordered in Italian from Nino’s in Harrison and just watched more Full House.  We discovered tonight that the new Marantz receiver is not going to work in the television cabinet.  It just generates too much heat to be squeezed in there without any ventilation.  Now we have no idea where we are going to put it.  That is going to be a real problem.  We had hoped to put a computer in there as well but that definitely isn’t happening either.  So now we have a challenge to figure out where to put this stuff that it will be attractive and not take up too much space.

I did my homework around nine and we went to bed at ten.  Oreo is in for an exhausting week as he isn’t getting a single day at home with me all week.

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