April 20, 2007: War is Lost in Iraq

It wasn’t easy pulling myself out of bed this morning. Oreo is going to feel the same way as he heads to his fifth daycare day this week.

The nation’s top Democrat declares that the war in Iraq has been lost and makes a chilling comparison to Vietnam under LBJ. Comparing Bush to LBJ is very appropriate as Bush has done more to wage an aggressive war than probably any non-Democrat is history and is clearly a renegade within the very defensive stance Republican party. Bush is like a subversive liberal war monger claiming to be a conservative Republican. He has betrayed the party and the country.

People are always claiming that there is no such thing as global warming so today I looked up a temperature graph for the planet of the last two hundred years or so just so that I could see the measurements myself. It is amazing that so many people use isolated weather events in one tiny localized spot to claim that there is no global warming – in fact most global warming models expect western Europe to cool dramatically. This is global warming that we are talking about not town warming or city warming or even country warming. But, let’s face it, the winters even in New York were a little colder when I was a kid than they are now. It is noticeable how much less snow there is now than when I was first learning to drive in the nineties. And anyone studying early colonial American history has to be acutely aware of the temperature differences between then and now because the significant impacted the agriculture and military issues of the day. The “pilgrims” would think that the Massachusetts Bay of today was a tropical paradise compared to the world that they landed in and almost froze to death in. Here is a simplified graph of the same global temperature data. And if you aren’t into traditional graphs then there is a pictographic representation of global warming over the past one hundred and fifty years that should give you a good idea. NASA has a 1960 to 2060 projected temperature change map as well.

My day wasn’t too busy which was good because I needed some time to relax and get back into the groove. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and I am scheduled to be in the office by eight thirty in the morning. I will probably be in between eight and sixteen hours. I am hoping for eight. So I am going to wrap up early today as I am assuming that I will have more than enough time to write more tomorrow.

My plan is to take it easy tonight and I will probably have the cell off so that I am not getting disturbed all night.  That has become rather a significant problem lately as a few too many people know my phone number and don’t have never good discretion when it comes to have the concierge call me out of the apartment after I should be getting ready for bed.  So I will be watching email after around eight probably and then will turn the phone back on when I got to bed.  Shortly I plan to change the number that the concierge has for us so that this is not an issue.  Maybe I can get to that this week.

I am hoping to get a chance to play at least an hour or two of Dragon Quest VIII tonight.  I haven’t gotten to play all week so I am looking forward to it.  We will probably watch a little Full House as well.  And maybe we will get some Food for Life.  That is my guess.  Okay, I am out of here.  I have put in a nine hour day so far and I want to go home before my long day tomorrow.

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