April 3, 2007: Dog Food for Dinner

France’s Alstrom, maker of the famous TGV bullet trains, set a new rail speed record. Good stuff in the land of trains. Now if the US would just bolster its rail infrastructure to get a high speed San Diego to Vancouver run we would be well on our way to being a rail country again. Follow that with a nice Toronto to NYC and Montreal to NYC and we would really be getting somewhere.

The story of the house sale collapsing continues today. We don’t know anything for sure but it is looking more and more bleak. We are unlikely to actually know anything for sure until the end of the month. But I spoke with my attorney and we have agreed that the sale has collapsed and there really isn’t any point assuming that it hasn’t but it won’t do any harm keeping the processing going for a few more weeks just in case some miracle happens. But basically it looks as though we know own a very clean and quite empty house. In a few weeks we will have to make the tough decision of what to do with the house now.

Work was very busy today. I have a ton going on this week and it is a short week too. I was glad to learn today that the UK has Friday as a holiday as well (in fact, they get Monday too) so my weekend is going to be very, very quiet. Ahh. Now that is what I need. If things go really well maybe I will even get a chance to play more of Dragon Quest VIII but that might be pushing things. On Friday evening Dominica, Oreo and I are driving up to Frankfort to spend the weekend visiting.

Oreo is loving his new diet. He has had Dominica cooking for him at home now and he gets much larger portions than before and fresh food. He is loving it. And, in theory, this should be much healthier for him and, if you don’t include the time that Dominica spends cooking, this is saving us money as well. Oreo gets to eat huge meals now twice a day and already people are commenting on how healthy his coat looks. His uncle Dexter is starting to get home cooked meals as well and is loving it. Oreo has already learned that the sound of the microwave usually means that his meal is being warmed up. Dominica normally makes several days worth of food at a time and freezes them so that we just have to reheat them.

I was trying to get home on the early side tonight but that didn’t quite work out as I had planned. I didn’t get out too late but it was around six thirty which isn’t exactly what I call early. I got home and had to spend the evening working on a consulting contract that I have as a security consultant with a major certification and training authority which is really exciting. It is really nice to get picked for awesome gigs like this. It isn’t a ton of work and this is my first time working with this company but it is a new arena for me to work in and a good feather in my cap.

Dominica did a bunch of cooking for Oreo tonight and decided that we were having what the dog was having – a tofu and rice stew thing. I had a few bites and decided to just make myself a PB&J for dinner. The food was edible but oh so bland and icky. Oreo thinks that it is the greatest thing ever but I think that I will pass on dog food for dinner in the future.

We managed to get in a couple episodes of Family Ties and it was off to bed early. Tomorrow is my last day in the office this week. Yay. Two doggie daddy days back to back. Life doesn’t get much better.

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