April 8, 2007: Happy Easter

I had to get up and continue working this morning. Not nearly as much work as I did yesterday but still – I was looking forward to having at least a little downtime this weekend. I worked for a few hours and then we headed over to Dominica’s grandpa’s house for Easter dinner.

We were not able to visit for very long at all. It was starting to snow and we have a lot of errands that have to be run tonight. So we were on the road at a very reasonable time.

We got to Newark and got to the apartment, picked up the BMW and made a run down to Iselin to get the car repaired. It is scheduled for tomorrow and tonight is our only chance to drop it off. We got that taken care of and then drove up to Newark Liberty International Airport where we had managed to get a reservation at National Car Rental for a Chevy Cobalt for me to drive this week while Dominica drives her Mazda PR5.

We were just in time for me to get the car. They closed at ten and we got there at nine forty-five! What a busy evening. Dominica circled the airport while I road the AirTrain to get to the car rental area. Newark Airport is gigantic and one of the most confusing airports ever to drive around. It is totally nuts. (NVTS!)

National gave me a free upgrade to a Pontiac G6 and sent me on my way. I have the car for the whole week and don’t have to return it until Sunday night. We have no idea how long the BMW is going to take so we figured that we needed to be safe. And since we are probably traveling this coming weekend we figured that we might as well take advantage of the rate on the rental and put some miles on it instead of on the Mazda. At least get something for our money.

I was impressed with the Pontiac. It doesn’t handle well which is to be expected from a mushy American car but it is comfortable and stylish inside even if it is an ugly, sad jellybean from the outside. It is decent to drive and quite impressive for an American car. It has a lot of power. That was very surprising. But new cars often do.

I got back to the apartment and picked up Dominica who had gotten back ten or fifteen minutes ahead of me and we drove up to IHOP for a quick dinner. I figured that that would be faster than trying to figure anything else out. We hate and were back home before eleven.

Dominica went to bed but I stayed up for several hours working on my class at RIT. I have my regular weekly work to do and a paper due tonight. To I was up until after three in the morning working on all of that. What a weekend it has been.

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