March 31, 2007: First Day Off in a Long Time

I slept for almost twelve hours last night! That was awesome. So far this week I had managed to lose two and a half nights of sleep (only got one hour on Monday, only three hours on Tuesday, full night on Wednesday and didn’t go to bed at all on Thursday so -7 + – 5 + -8 = -20 hours) so I really needed to do some catching up badly. I felt much better when I work up around nine thirty this morning.

After I got up and showered Dominica and I walked over to Food for Life for our usual Saturday morning breakfast. As always we were struggling to get there before they were done serving breakfast. It is always hard to get moving on Saturday morning.

Dominica spent the day working on her homework for her Systems Analysis and Design class. My goal for the day was to play Dragon Quest VIII. But with all of the phone calls and other stuff that I needed to do today my “full day” of DQ8 was only about forty-five minutes of actual game time. Not exactly what we called a full day of video gaming when I was a kid. That isn’t even enough time to get into the game or anything. This was the first chance that I have had to even turn on the PS2 in over a month, I believe. It is amazing how time slips away from you like that.

At five we had to start getting ready to go out this evening. We left Newark a little after six and took Oreo in the BMW down to Princeton for a house warming party. We had no problem finding the place. It is handy that we used to live down in North Brunswick because that six months there gave us a really good feel for the entire area and now between Dominica working north of Newark and me working out in Warren and living in Newark we have gotten a pretty good idea of all of Northern Jersey. There isn’t that much of the state that we don’t know at this point north of Route 1. South of Route 1 we only know the Jersey Shore area but we have been all the way down to Atlantic City and Wildwood.

We had a really good time at the party and hung out until a little before midnight. We couldn’t stay up late partying, though, because Dominica has a lot of homework that she has to work on tomorrow and she needs her sleep. Oreo had a good time just hanging out in the car. He was very happy that he got the chance to ride along instead of being stuck at home all of that time.

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