May 28, 2007: Memorial Day

We had to get up a little earlier than we had planned this morning because Dominica accidentally slept with part of her leg on a wood support post and it cut off one of her nerves and she was completely unable to move her right leg this morning. She was in a lot of pain and needed my help to be able to walk or to get up the stairs.

Microsoft’s use of Roman numerals (humorous and short.) Also check out the Zompist Phrasebook.

In cool Internet news: the Mozilla Firefox web browser has captured 25% of the global browsing market!

If anyone is interested in trying out Audible which I have been talking about for the past couple of years then you should give them a try now as they have a thirty day free trial now available: Audible Invite.

We had a short morning as we prepared for the Memorial Day picnic this afternoon. Everyone came over a little before noon and we sat out in the back yard. It has been months since Dominica and I had a chance to see everyone. We have been really out of touch with the universe but now that the house, car and sofa set are sold we are hoping that that will change.

Dominica and I had cedar plank grilled salmon for lunch.  After lunch dad took the family out on a hay-wagon ride except we no longer have any hay (although all of the fields are being used for hay this year and they were just cut down this morning so there is a lot of hay out there) and so I had the idea of taking grandma’s old couch that has recently been moved to dad’s barn from our basement in Geneseo and putting that onto the hay-wagon instead.  So Jeremy and I loaded it up and everyone took a ride on the couch wagon.  That was a lot of fun and really comfortable.  We did a second ride and even Oreo took a spin on the couch.  He thought that it was great.  We were afraid that he might jump off so we attached his seatbelt device to my belt to protect him.  But he was fine.

It was a bit after six by the time that Dominica and I finally got a chance to leave the farm.  We did manage to load up one of my good desks though which we are very excited about.  We have been living for the past year in New Jersey with no good work surfaces and it has been brutal.  This is the first desk to come down and if all goes well there will be two more leaving dad’s house to come down and one new one being purchased down here.

We made decent time getting back to Newark.  We stopped in Wilawana and got “dinner” at the Dandy mini-mart there.  We were in Newark by half past midnight and then it was time for bed.

Weight Lost So Far: Unknown Until Tomorrow

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