June 11, 2007: Koolats?

I forgot to mention on Friday that the Mazda 6 is finally sold and has been picked up. It is now officially gone. It was a great car and I am sad to see it go but boy am I relived not to have four cars to worry about right now. That is another large “overhead” item taken care of. Life is getting simpler by the day. I guess that it is time to find some “high maintenance” hobbies to make life complicated again.

I was pretty tired this morning and decided not to go to the gym as I needed to get caught up on sleep more than I needed to work out. And Oreo was feeling a little sick last night so I figured that he would appreciate not being left alone more than usual.

One of the strangest things that I have discovered since having started tracking detailed information about SGL is that the search term “koolats” is, I believe, the number one search term driving traffic to the site! How can that be? I even went on Google and looked up “koolats” and couldn’t find SGL listed at all under I searched for “koolats sgl” then one blog post comes up (although obviously this one will come up shortly as well.) So I switched over to Yahoo’s search engine and, low and behold, Sheep Guarding Llama is the number three authority on koolats. Sweet.

To make matters worse I am not even sure that I am spelling the word correctly. Does anyone know how it is officially spelled? Let’s get some comments going. Koolats? Coolats? If I do a search for coolats I find someone asking which way it should be spelled 🙂 I guess the debate will rage now. If you want to know what post is causing all of the hub-bub you can check it out at NASCAR Polos, Koolats and Guitar Hero.

I checked back with Technorati later today and at least you can find me talking about Frankfort Days in Frankfort, New York in the Mohawk Valley but I am the only one. I guess none of you Frankforters do any blogging about your own home town.

I did some searching on Technorati just to see who was talking about me (hey, it actually happens) and I found that I got quoted over at The Clingan Zone which is one of the official SUN blogs. Nice.

I worked until around six this evening but the drive home was surprisingly quick. There was a huge accident out on the New Jersey Turnpike or something like that that must have cut off traffic heading towards i78. So I got home around a quarter to seven.

I got home and found Dominica practicing her karaoke on the PS2. She sent me out to Food for Life to pick up dinner while she continued to sing karaoke. Their air conditioning broke, again, so it was insanely hot in there so I had to stand outside to keep relatively cool.

The Ralstons are coming down to Newark on Friday night and will be here for the weekend. On Friday night we are just planning on hanging out in Newark and then on Saturday we are going to go into Manhattan to see the city. Danielle hasn’t been there for sixteen years and Art may have never been there at all which is crazy.

Mary is considering coming down to visit next week. She, like almost everyone else that we know, has never seen our apartment down here in New Jersey. So we will see whether or not she actually bothers to come down. She has threatened to come down several times in the past year but hasn’t done it yet.

The rumor is that Craig is going to be coming down the following weekend. Dominica will most likely be going back up to Frankfort that weekend.

Dominica pretty much spent the evening relaxing and watching DVDs. I did a bunch of work on my Treo tonight. I am starting to notice some of the problems that people have been mentioning about the Treo 700p online. I have been having it crash on me now and then and getting the bluetooth devices to work with it is practically impossible. I actually had to buy some bluetooth software to manage the connection to the stereo headset. That now appears to be working but so far the audio isn’t coming through real consistently although the issue might be with the audio player and not the connection. We will see how it works down the road. I need to test it with the Audible Player to see if that works as that is much more solid software than most of the stuff on the Palm.

I am still trying to figure out how to get a good podcast aggregator working on the Treo.  I really want to be able to get podcasts easily on the Treo as that is a major benefit of the device – using it as an mp3 player replacement.  I did move over a folder of music that I got working.

Weight Lost So Far: 18lbs

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