June 17, 2007: Happy Father’s Day

I actually woke up around six thirty this morning but decided not to get out of bed until around a quarter after seven. I had heard the Ralstons up around the time that I woke up and heard them leave the apartment early on. When I was done with my shower they were just getting in from Dunkin Donuts with breakfast bagels. Handy living in a city like Newark because you can always walk to somewhere to get food. Even if this didn’t prove to be a good weekend to show off the convenience of a city at least breakfast this morning was a good experience. Art and Danielle were also surprised when they came into our building after having been out during the concierge shift change that they were stopped and had to identify themselves as we had a new concierge on this morning who did not recognize them. I think that they were impressed with the security involved even though they hadn’t thought about it previously.

Art and Danielle left Newark around ten thirty. Min, Oreo and I went down to the street and saw them off as they headed out of town on their motorcycle for another long day of bike riding. Then we walked Oreo and I came back to the apartment to continue working on some weekend work that needs to be done today. My weekend is quite busy – of all weekends 🙁

A little after eleven I hopped into the Mazda (I was going to take the BMW and enjoy the weather today but with the flat tire I couldn’t take it) and hit the road for Ithaca. It is a really warm and sunny day. It is around ninety degrees out and pretty bright. While driving I hit some heavy rain just north of Scranton but it didn’t last for very long. It was pretty heavy though and I imagine that it caused some issues for the Ralstons as they were traveling north about forty-five minutes ahead of me.

It was around three when I arrived in Varna just outside of Ithaca. Then it was time for my real work for the day. I was pretty tired today after everything that we have had happen over the weekend. At least I got a chance to wrap up the weekend updates on SGL and to do some Flickr updates today while I was stuck in Ithaca alone waiting for some virus scans to wrap up. My afternoon and evening were actually fairly relaxing.

I worked in Varna for six hours before getting back in the car and driving south again at nine in the evening.  I got a lot of good work done and felt good about the day.  It is just unfortunate that I won’t be arriving back in Newark until around one in the morning.

BlockBuster has announced that it is going to begin renting high-definition movies but it won’t be stocking HD-DVD.  In a major win for Blu-Ray, BlockBuster will only be renting HD movies in the BD format.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma Plymouth that has been buried for fifty years was finally exhumed but unexpectantly the nuclear bunker in which it was housed since 1957 was not water proof and the car and most of its contents were reduced to rust or worse.  Some items were recovered but the car is now worthless.  Strangely the decided to put a woman’s handbag into the glove compartment to show to people today what an average woman would need which turned out to be bobby pins, lipstick and tranquilizers!?!  Apparently the average Oklahoma woman of the 1950s was hysterical, drug popping, and vein.  Those were the only things that they wanted to show for a woman’s life in the 50s.  Impressive.  What if that stayed in the ground for hundreds of years and was found without more context around it?

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