July 3, 2007: Can’t Talk Today

A nurse serving aboard an air-ambulance was partially sucked out of a window when the window blew out at 20,000 feet!

Hetty Green was born on this date, 1834. Hetty was known as the “Witch of Wall Street” and is famous for being one of the cheapest people to ever walk this earth while being one of the richest. So enamored of her money she refused to pay for her son’s broken leg and chose that it be amputated rather than to have it be seen by a doctor unless it was free.

I got up at seven and fed Oreo and got him ready to get off to school so that he can play with the other dogs. We are pretty sure that with Dominica’s contract wrapping up in a month (to the day) that Oreo will not be able to continue going to Doggie Paradise that he loves so much and we will have to find him another daycare provider as it is extremely unlikely for Min to find work in the area near where she works now.

My bronchitis doesn’t feel too bad today but my voice is totally gone. I had to do a conference call this morning at nine thirty and it was the first time that I had attempted talking all morning. It was quite funny. I was just barely audible on the phone.

I was pretty much under the weather today. I think that that sums it up pretty well. I can’t tell if they cut off the air conditioning in the office today or if I am just running a fever now or something.

I was reading about Bahrain today on Wikipedia and found it to be pretty funny that they compare its size as being slightly larger than the Isle of Man but slightly smaller than the nearby King Fahd International Airport.

I ended up getting stuck at work quite late tonight. Not the best day for that. Although I seem to be getting healthier as the day goes on I am very tired and would like to get started on my holiday. Tonight is supposed to be a night to relax.

I got home and we discovered that we have pretty much no water tonight.  Something is wrong but we are able to flush and brush our teeth so the world isn’t coming to an end.  Just one more issue at 1180 Raymond.  Thing go wrong so often here that you really don’t stop and think about it so much anymore.  Never before have I lived in an apartment where there are “day to day” disasters, changes and problems.  Normally you can go for months without having any need to interact with the management other than paying rent.  Sure things break but normally it is a long time in between things.  Here, building issues are a daily occurrence and everything requires the residents to manage the process very thoroughly.   Things are never “dealt with” automatically like they should be in a luxury apartment.

Dominica spent the evening watching <em>Veronica Mars</em> and I played some Dragon Quest VIII and went to bed early.  Tomorrow we both have the day off and are really looking forward to having a chance to really relax a little bit.

Weight Lost So Far: 26.5 lbs

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