July 5, 2007: DQ and Snuggly Bostons

Dominica got to sleep in an extra hour this morning. She is only working a half day today. It just worked out perfectly that she has a morning interview on the day following a holiday so she gets the morning pretty much off. The real issues began when…

Dominica went into the bathroom and discovered that there is NO water. Eventually we figured out that some faucets are working and some are not. Our shower is totally and completely off. Not one drip is coming out of it. We have ice cold water available in the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink but not a drop of warm at all and the cold water is brown. Eww. So this poses a problem for Dominica trying to get to an interview this morning.

Dominica went down and discovered that the showers in the health club are working so she took a shower down there. Thank the Lord that those are working. She would have been in a total panic this morning otherwise. I had already instructed her to just walk over to the Robert Treat and to get a room if we didn’t have an immediate solution here. You can’t risk an interview because the building doesn’t have water.

It turns out that there was probably a lightning strike or something similar during the recent rash of electric storms that caused the electrical problems in the building that then lead to the water issues. They have been working on it continuously for the past two days.

Today was insanely slow at work – almost as if it was still a holiday. Oreo was very excited to have me home and he spent most of the day curled up with me on the loveseat as I played Dragon Quest VIII. It was a very relaxing day. I really appreciated the time with the dog to just relax. I did do some work but it was very light.

I went over to Food for Life with Abdul for lunch. Today is the last day that FFL is open for a week as the students all fly back to Kansas City, Kansas for their “mid-year” evaluations. So I definitely wanted to get a chance to eat there today.

Dominica got home and finished watching <em>Veronica Mars</em> Season One. She heard back from her professor today and Min is now done with her classes for this semester. There is nothing more that she has to wait on although she may do a little more “class discussion” stuff tomorrow night just to be thorough. She is very much relieved to finally be done with it. This was a tough class and really made her work. Although it should have as Systems Analysis and Design is often an IT capstone course and at ESC it is a two course sequence.

I am almost done playing DQ8. So far I have racked up one hundred and three hours on the game clock! That is a lot of time for me to have spent on a single game. I used to be really bad about dedicating enough time to a single video game to actually be able to complete it but at some point during my adult life that changed and now I appear to be much better at it. Now it is much easier to see the value that I get out of a game like this. It was only $20 and I bought it new too. Video games are really a much better entertainment dollar value than movies are.

Weight Lost So Far: 24.5 lbs

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