August 13, 2007: Toronto

Today is my hard-core travel day. I got to sleep around two this morning or maybe a little later. Oreo was very excited to see me when I stumbled in in the middle of the night. He couldn’t contain himself. He was very snuggly once I was able to actually get to bed.

I had to be up at just before six this morning so my totally sleep time was around three hours. I got up and showered and ran out the door to catch my cab going to Newark – Liberty International Airport. I am beginning to feel like I live there. I have spent much more time in the airport than I have at home over the last several days.

I got to the airport just a little after seven. I got my bag checked (I always have to check at least one bag these days because I have to carry on my CPAP and laptop bags) and I got myself through security and met up with some of the guys from the office waiting for the plane. We had all arrived in plenty of time so that we could sit and wait for the plane for about two hours. Better safe than sorry.

The plane for Toronto actually left on time which must qualify as a miracle at Newark airport.  I am sure that they are considering erecting a shrine there now to the patron saint of commuters and traveling salesmen.

We got into Mississauga, Ontario around mid-day and spent the day doing logistical things needed for working in the Toronto area like getting checked into the hotel and finding our way around.  We are up here through Wednesday.

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