August 19, 2007: Going to the UK

Finally a chance to really sleep in. I have been dying all week from a total lack of sleep. I’m not exactly caught up yet but at least I am on the path to sleep recovery. The whole family slept in until around ten this morning.

Today is the ultimate lazy day. We decided that we aren’t going anywhere all day and are just going to stay in the apartment and relax. Pretty much our day involved watching the seventh season of Full House. Dominica did some shopping online and Oreo was extremely snuggly and spent almost the entire day on the love seat with me.

We ordered in Italian from Nino’s and did a double order so that we would have both lunch and dinner delivered in a single shot so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it later. Now that is lazy.

I think that I forgot to mention the other day but on Friday Dominica and I bought our airline tickets with British Airways to travel to the UK in late November! Neither of us has ever been outside of the US and Canada so this is a really big deal for us. We are going to be in the UK for nine days.

Our current plan is to fly into London and stay there for several days. We will be heading out on November 16th from Newark and will arrive in London early in the morning on the 17th. We are hoping that we will be able to sleep on the plane since we got a seat upgrade and we have power at our seats. That means that I can put in ear plugs and turn on my CPAP and just might be able to get to sleep. That would be awesome.

Our first several days will be in England. I am not sure what we will do for the first weekend but that is our chance to go see the English countryside so we might do that right away. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be working from Canary Wharf in Greenwich. (Here is another great shot of Canary Wharf from Flickr – and one more.)

On either Wednesday night or Thursday morning we plan to hop the train and head north to Scotland where we should be able to catch the ferry that runs between Scotland and Northern Ireland.  We will get ourselves over to the Green Isle on Thursday and on Friday I will work from Belfast’s White Star House famous as the building site of the Titanic.  Here is another good picture of White Star House.

On Saturday we will travel back to England and on Sunday we will fly back to New Jersey.

I got paged and had to work for a couple of hours this evening.  Nothing too major.

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