August 9, 2007: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I was pretty tired this morning pulling myself out of bed. Must be all of that crazy bowling exercise that I got last night (eight frames!!)

This morning I did a little research on the Nikon 5005 Single Lens Reflex 35mm camera that I used extensively from the mid-1990s until switching to digital with my Nikon D50 not too long ago. I was extremely surprised to find that currently Wikipedia does not have any entry for this camera and performing a Google search on it produced a link to MY photographs on the very first page!

Aunt Sharon was doing some digging today and came across some postcards sent to my grandparents, Mahlon and Euphemia Miller, back when they lived in New Jersey. The postcards were originally sent to them at Marlboro State Hospital in Marlboro, NJ. I did some research online and almost immediately found an article talking about the Mennonite Conscientious Observers who worked at Marlboro State Hospital during World War II which is why my grandfather was there.

Disney - MGM Studios Theme Park Watertower

Under the category of big coincidences: In the past Dominica and I have discussed the question of what is the actual name of Disney-MGM Studios. It is clear that it’s name is Disney-MGM Studios but I was sure that I had seen it changed to The Disney Studios and was convinced that it must have been changed and some point and then changed back. So after months of wondering but never bothering to look it up today I did and discovered that the name has always been Disney-MGM Studios but that Disney does not have the complete rights to that name and so cannot refer to the studio by name in some contexts forcing them to use the pseudonym The Disney Studios in order to refer to it. To make matters more complicated (and here comes the big coincidence) just this morning Disney president Meg Crofton announced that in January, 2008 the name will be changing to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Tonight is packing night. All I have enough time for is packing and getting ready to go.  I had plenty to do tonight like shaving my head (I was getting pretty ragged,) getting my laptop and portable devices together, packing, etc.  I talked to Andy for about an hour making plans for meeting at the airport and whatnot.  It is supposed to be raining in Newark tomorrow which could be awful as Newark is the most delayed airport in the country.  They close and bright, clear days because of the weather.  With rain, anything could happen.

Tomorrow is the final weigh in for the weight loss contest at the office.  My last food was yesterday evening and I am pretty hungry tonight.  But as of tomorrow I can eat again. I just have to remember that.

Weight Lost So Far: 32 lbs

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