September 10, 2007: No Fluff

The alarm went off at a quarter after five this morning and since I am not officially assigned to the early morning shift I laid in bed contemplating the option of going back to sleep and getting up after Dominica was leaving for work. But I was fairly wide awake so I decided that I should bite the bullet and just get on up out of bed.

Before leaving for work this morning I finished reading the “No Fluff, Just Stuff Anthology 2006” and sorted through a stack of back mail that needed to be dealt with. Then it was off to the office.

It was a busy morning considering that it is a Monday. I was quite busy all morning dealing with emails, phone calls, etc. I did some additional bill paying and got some important mail ready that needed to go out today as well. Answered emails, got caught up from the weekend.

At six minutes after ten this morning the torrential rainfall hit where I was in Warren, New Jersey. It was surprising how quickly we went from moderate overcast skies to the roar of pounding rain that was very obvious even within the large industrial structure that I work in.

I have to include a link to Dominica’s coworker’s dog Dudley’s website.

I was very sad to learn that one of my all time favourite authors, Madeleine L’Engle, has died at age 88.  When I was younger I read almost all of her novels including the “Time Quintet”, “O’Keeffe” and the “Austin” series.

We had dinner with a friend who was recently a neighbour but has now moved into the cooler Ironbound section of town.  She just happened to be at the front desk when Dominica and I were heading out for dinner at Food for Life.  (If you want to eat with us apparently this is the process for that – just wait around the front desk until you see us come by.)

I completed by first weeks’ Java homework for my class at RIT.  It feels good to have homework done several days early.  I plan on submitting the homework tomorrow.

Dominica and I watched an episode of Heroes together.  Then I talked to Andy for a while while Dominica watched another episode.  Then she read some for her classes at Empire State.  Then we were off to bed.  It was an early night for us.

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