September 12, 2007: Oreo @ Home

A friend in London sent me a link to the BBC’s Day in Pictures. There are some good pictures in there but the best is number seven. So cute!  Oreo wants to take a vacation in Japan now.

Today is my work from home day this week.  I had to work from home today because I have to go in to Newark’s traffic court at 31 Green Street for a traffic ticket (failure to display insurance card) from several weeks ago.  My court time is at eight thirty.

I got up and worked this morning for over an hour before walking Oreo and heading on out to the court.  The nice thing is that the court is just a little way down the street so it is an easy walk and I don’t have to bother getting the car out.  So I walked down to the court building and sat there for two hours before my name came up.  This was my first appearance and all I did was get instructions for what to do the next time that I go there – which is Monday the 17th.  The people who worked at the court were very gruff but the judge was very friendly.  It is a pain that I have to return on Monday but it isn’t stressful now that I know the process.

On my way home from court I stopped by Food for Life as they were just opening up and I grabbed a “The Round” for breakfast.  I don’t manage to get breakfast there very often so it is a nice treat when I do.

Oreo was very happy to have a daddy-doggie day as it has been a  while since he and I had the chance to spend the day together.  It is important bonding time for us.  Unlike most days when he is off from daycare he didn’t just sleep all day today but actually wanted to go on several walks and even made me play fetch with him at length.  It has been a long time since he has had so much energy.

It was a very normal work day for me.  Nothing to report.  I took the time while I was home today to order the drives that I am going to settle on for the SunFire V100s that I have.  I can’t use the very cool 500GB drives so I just got 160GB drives and will suck it up and only get to use 137GB of each of them.  What a bummer.  At least they will work.  I have tested out both boxes and am very confident in them.  It is just too bad that they won’t be nearly as useful as I had hoped.

I also got a chance to test out two “new” desktops that I have recently received.  The one was supposed to be an HP d530 with a 2.66GHz Pentium 4 but turned out to be the almost identical HP dc5000 with a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 (533MHz FSB.)  I was very happy to discover that.  It didn’t come with an OS so I loaded up OpenSUSE 10.2 to test it out and the machine works like a charm.  Snappy and quiet.  Just what I like.

I also tested out an older Pentium 4 1.7GHz based HP Vectra.  It too tested out fine after I loaded OpenSUSE 10.2 on it.  Good deal.  That baby was just $42!  Can’t go wrong there.  Both machines are small form factors which I really like.  So this week I have done two Solaris installs and two Linux installs.  It’s been a busy week.

I had a hankering for pizza so for a late lunch, after two thirty, I walked over to Queen Pizza II across the street and grabbed myself a couple of slices.

I did manage to do a little cleaning today but not nearly as much as I normally get to do on my work from home days.  We have been falling behind recently.  At least today was a move in the right direction.

Dominica got home just after five thirty.  Not having to take Oreo to daycare really improves her day!  We hung out for an hour or so and then ordered in dinner from Big Bite – the Greek diner around the corner.  She got a veggie burger sub and I got a fish fillet sub.  We watched one episode of Ballykissangel and decided to call it a night.  Even with the evening being as early as it was we really only managed to squeeze in that one episode plus the miscellaneous things that we have to do in the evenings.

Dominica was pretty tired so we headed off to bed just after nine!  She did have homework to do though so she did some reading from bed.  It was actually after ten when we actually tried to go to sleep.  Oreo was extra snuggly in appreciation of having a day at home with me.

Tomorrow is a normal day at the office.  Friday we are leaving directly from Warren, NJ to head out to Alliance, OH.  Dominica is going to leave work, pick up Oreo and (hopefully not have to go home as the car should be packed) drive straight out to Warren where she will pick me up.  We will leave the Mazda here in Warren and we will drive the BMW out to Ohio.  We would take the Mazda but Dominica’s back doesn’t like the softer seats on long trips so we have to use the Beamer when we do that now.

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