September 18, 2007: Under the Bed Totes

Hopefully the fleas are all gone today. What a mess the house is. Everything that was in our bedroom is now sitting in the hallway so that there would be room for Dominica to clean.

Min and I are back on our usual schedules this morning which means me getting up at five in the morning and her at six. I was into the office around seven as is my usual these days. The plan is for me to only be working out of Warren, New Jersey for the next week or so and then to be relocated to Wall Street in Manhattan. So, in theory, I will no longer be driving to work very shortly.

On the topic of walking to work: anyone interested in a decent condition 2002 Mazda Protege 5, automatic, moon roof and about 105,000 miles should contact me. We will be looking to sell it as soon as possible. Three cars when I don’t need one to commute is very excessive. At the very least the car will be moving to dad’s house right away so that we don’t have to keep paying Newark valet prices just to have it sit in the garage.

Dominica did some shopping today. She got a stack of “under the bed” plastic totes that we will use tonight to move as much stuff as we possibly can underneath of our new bed. Every little bit that we can eliminate from sitting around the house is a bit deal. Min also picked up a new alarm clock. We haven’t had a real one in quite some time and once in a while that becomes problematic so we decided to just suck it up and buy one. We got one that has a line-in so that we can attach a digital media player to it and listen to Audible books in bed.

I got home just after five.  I made coffee for Dominica so that it would be ready when she got home and ordered in dinner from Golden City.  Dominica didn’t end up getting home until almost seven, though, so the food was getting cold and the coffee was definitely cold.  She had gone grocery shopping after work but didn’t remind me today that she was going to be doing that.

Once Dominica and Oreo got home we put on Buck Rogers in the Twenty Fifth Century and watched two episodes.  Dominica had to cook more food for Oreo tonight as he has run out of his home cooked food that he loves so much.  In fact, today at daycare he had to make do with regular dry food.  He actually refused to eat it and pouted the rest of the day!

We did a lot of cleaning in our bedroom tonight since Dominica managed to get some “under the bed” plastic totes.  We were able to put a lot of stuff under there that had been sitting out in our bedroom previously.  That will help immensely if we can just keep ourselves from buying more stuff to fill the empty space.

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