September 22, 2007: Surprise Day of Work

No sleeping in for me today. I had to be up before eight this morning so that I could log in and work “at the office”. I have a bit of scheduled work this morning so I won’t be doing anything exciting today.

I ended up working from before eight until well after six in the afternoon! Much longer than the two hours that I had initially expected to have been the max amount of time that I would be needed at the office. Dominica walked over to Food for Life and picked up breakfast for us. Unfortunately for her our previously foggy morning turned into a steady rain while she was outside.

We ate breakfast and then Dominica started working in ernest on cleaning the kitchen, emptying the refridgerator and cleaning that out, laundry, dishes and more.  She decided to do some shopping today for a wardrobe for our bedroom.  We are so short on closet space it isn’t funny.  There is no place to put anything.  We are getting desperate.  She spent hours trying to find something that will fit into are extremely limited space but no luck.  There are just no good options out there.  We are pretty sure that we are going to settle with some doored shelving units that match our bookshelf in the living room.

Dominica also did several hours of work on her Academic Planning project for Empire State.  She is in the process of getting her degree planning done and out of the way.  It isn’t hard or stressful work but there is just a lot of it and it takes a lot of time.  Both she and I had very productive days today.  As anyone will notice from my barrage of technical posts earlier today I took the time to write several small “how to” articles.  I did a lot of work on the V100 servers today and am very happy with how productive I have been.

We ordered in dinner from Nino’s.  Dominica was really in the mood for a sub.  We watched two episodes of Full House and that was it for us for the night.  Oreo decided that he was very tired and actually went to bed an hour or two ahead of us!  He never, ever does that.

Unfortunately with Oreo going to bed so early his own schedule was thrown off and about two hours after Dominica and I had gone to bed Oreo got up and decided that he needed to go for a walk.  I walked him and he had a lot of energy so our walked ended up being three or four times longer than his normal late night bathroom break.  I got him home and put him back to bed but was now wide awake myself.  So I returned to work cleaning the house.  I took out the trash and the recycling.  Unfortunately I had a glass jar break and had to spend twenty minutes cleaning up that mess.  It totally exploded 🙁

I still wasn’t tired so I fired the desktop back up and started doing some more work included another tech post.  I pretty much ended up with insomnia and have been awake now for more than two hours since Oreo woke me up to take him out.

Dominica and I were very happy to not have to drive anywhere at all today.  That is the type of relaxing that we really need this weekend.  Tomorrow we are considering running down to Elizabeth to go to Ikea where they have the bookshelf that we need if we decide to go that route.  I am not sure if we have decided on that yet or not.  We don’t have too many options to consider at this point.

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