September 8, 2007: A Day in Frankfort

Dominica and I got just about no sleep last night. It was after one when we finally got a chance to lay down and attempt some sleep so that was working against us from the beginning but additionally Dexter spent the entire night either licking our feet, whining, whimpering, jumping on us or chasing Oreo around so that we never managed to get any real rest. In all we had to take the two dogs out at least four times during the night which only lasted about six hours in total anyway. By seven in the morning it wasn’t even worth attempting trying to get back to sleep.

Dominica and I were both really exhausted and it was a slow morning trying to get moving. We visited and for lunch got a pizza from Sulley’s (now known as Big Willey’s) which is one of my favourite “Western New York” style pizzas anywhere. I really look forward to it whenever we come to Frankfort.

For most of the afternoon we watched some TLC – mostly home selling / buying shows that I have never seen before and some shows about fixing up houses and what not to wear and stuff like that. We only really see television when we are in Frankfort or in hotels.

For dinner we all went out to the Kitlas in Utica. The Kitlas has some of the best food around and we always look forward to getting to eat there and Dominica’s parents like to have us around as an excuse to get to go again as they go pretty often as it is.

We went out to Dave’s to get ice cream as it was very warm still today and the perfect weather for going out for ice cream.

When we returned to the house we got Hot Fuzz on demand from Time Warner in HD (although Time Warner HD doesn’t look nearly as good as a normal DVD so I don’t know how they get away with calling it HD.)  That is a really funny movie from the team (and the set) of Shaun of the Dead which was also and excellent film.  Hot Fuzz is an excellent blend of hilarity and action.

After Hot Fuzz we watched Ghost Rider that Dominica has been wanting to see.  We had some popcorn made in the Tocco’s “new” commercial popcorn popper.  That was some good popcorn.

Tomorrow we will be heading back down to Newark.  Probably around noonish if possible.

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