October 24, 2007: Day in the Sun (and rain)

Today ended up being a very different but busy day for me.  I got into the office and carried my umbrella with me all day long.  And, of course, it never rained as it was predicted.  On my way in this morning I finished reading Kent Beck’s “Test Driven Development”.  This train ride is really working.  I am just ploughing through these books while I am commuting.  The value of switching to Manhattan for work is greatly increased by the increased quality of my reading time.  So far I have made it through one book per week of commuting.

I worked out of the office for several hours and then had to get to another office in midtown on Fifth Avenue to meet with some engineering folks and Sun Microsystems.  That was very productive and I got a chance to meet with some really cool people from Sun.  One of the engineers and I went out for lunch in midtown and I got a chance to get a tour of the Sun offices on Park Avenue before heading back to the office.

The afternoon was very slow but since I had had a busy mid-day I decided that I should work late to be sure to make up the time even though I had been “working” the whole time that I was out it was a little fluffy for work and it was a last minute thing so I didn’t feel that it counted very well.  So I stayed a few hours late and did some work.

I ran up to Borders and picked up a few books today.  One book is just for my “collection” of reference material on web design: “CSS, DHTML and AJAX, Fourth Edition” by Jason Crawford Teague.  I also picked up the classic fourth edition of “The Little Schemer” which is considered one of the most important works on the LISP programming language and specifically the Scheme dialect.  And for my normal reading I grabbed the classic GoF book (Gang of Four) “Design Patterns” from 1995.

I accidentally left my umbrella at Sun today.  Which was fine since it hadn’t rained all day.  I realized that I had forgotten it the second that I was locked out and couldn’t get back in easily.  It did rain later, though, on my walk home.  It rained the whole way.  I was pretty wet.  So I carried the umbrella almost all day when it wasn’t raining and never had it when it was.  🙁

We got to bed early tonight.  Dominica has an internal interview tomorrow at work that she wants to be rested for.  My homework that was due tomorrow has been pushed off until Sunday night.  So I will be working on that all weekend.  I will be working from home tomorrow.

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