October 27, 2007: Happy Birthday Pam

I got up a little before nine this morning. I have a migraine that I believe is being caused by the incredible noise coming from the cooling system of Catholic Health Services next door. It is so loud that I had to put in ear plugs this morning just to be able to handle being in the apartment. Poor Oreo has no ear plugs. It seems like Newark must have noise pollution laws – most cities do. But maybe because they are so poor they don’t want to do that stuff. This is really a problem as our apartment faces that side of the building and we are very near the level of the coolers and there is nothing but open air between them and us.

It is a cool and rainy morning here in the New York Metro. It is so humid that my glasses occasionally fog up while I am sitting at my desk! My desk is covered in water from the can of Archer Farms Sugar-Free Energy Drink that I have on it. The water is condensing and just running down on to the desk. I have never seen a can sweat so much indoors.

Dominica stayed in bed until just about noon. She got up and we walked over to Cafe Airlie on Commerce right across the street and got some brunch.

Oreo spent much of the afternoon hunting a fly that is n our apartment. He loves chasing flies. He is very funny. He was sleeping in this morning and this fly crashed right into him bum and he has been after it ever since.

I did a little shopping on Amazon for MP3s to download today and discovered more good stuff on there like Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty, etc. Amazon has improved the service a little bit too. I really like being able to buy music this way. Amazon must make a ton of money from people like me who are perfectly happy to buy any song when it is just 89¢. At that price you can really just grab anything that you want and the fact that you get it instantly makes it so handy.

This afternoon Dominica cooked some vegan paella with quinoa for Pam’s birthday party that we are going to this evening.  Everyone is supposed to bring something “Latin” – even though paella is Catalonian.  But with the quinoa it was a bit more Pacific South American.

We headed down to the bowling alley where the party was on at Eleven80 around nine thirty.  It was a lot of fun.  There were lots of people that we already knew and plenty new people to meet too.

At midnight we got kicked out of the bowling alley so several people headed home including Dominica and about half a dozen of us went out to the Arena Bar across from “The Pru” to get some drinks.

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