October 29, 2007: Sleepy

If having a busy weekend wasn’t enough to wear me out my night was cut short with Oreo needing to make two emergency middle-of-the-night walks. My night was less than five hours long as it was and cutting it up with two trips around the block made it pretty much non-existent. I am so tired today that all of my joints hurt. I thought about trying to sleep in and then come in late but I would not have had enough time to get another sleep cycle in and I am going to appreciate being able to go home at normal time instead of staying late.

Work was tough today just because I was dragging pretty hard all day.  Luckily I had quite a bit of work to do and being so busy kept me awake.  I actually got stuck working late there was so much to do which is unusual for a Monday.

Dominica’s day was horrible and she is very unhappy with the situation at work.  Unfortunately it is nothing that we can discuss here.  She wasn’t even able to talk to me during the day but had to stay bottled up until she got home in the evening.

I got home to find that my two new Samsung 204b LCD monitors had arrived.  The Samsung 204b is a 20.1″ 1600×1200 LCD.  Now, having three of them, my desktop space is hugemungous.  I have the two monitors on the left hooked to my OpenSuse 10.3 desktop (HP dx5150) and the monitor on the right is hooked to my Windows XP Pro desktop (another HP dx5150.)  Once I get it all set up I am going to be able to toggle the center screen between Linux and Windows and eventually the right monitor between Windows and Solaris.

Dominica had to run some errands after work and didn’t get home until almost seven in the evening.  She was very depressed.  Oreo is quite unhappy as well as he got a tummy-ache yesterday and wasn’t allowed to eat all day.  So he is extremely hungry.  And since eating is his favourite activity he is extra sad.

My main Linux desktop died the other day (hard drive corruption) and so today I focused on getting it rebuilt.  I decided that since OpenSuse 10.3 64bit had had to many little issues with drivers and things that I would attempt switching down to the 32bit version to see if that would improve things.  One of my biggest concerns with the 64bit version is that Spark doesn’t work and that is a major problem for me.

It took most of the evening but I eventually got OpenSuse reinstalled and set up to work with the dual monitors.  Boy is that cool.  I use dual monitors at work and I sometimes use a laptop with a second monitor at home but this is the first time that I have ever used two monitors of this size and resolution together.  This is going to make me much more productive right away.

We ordered dinner from Food for Life and I walked next door to pick it up.  Min didn’t feel like going out anywhere and I had a lot of work that needed to be addressed so that worked out well.

Dominica spent the evening working on our costumes for tomorrow night’s Eleven80 Halloween party.  I can’t say yet what we are going to be because it is a surprise.  Mostly because Oreo is in the costume contest and we don’t want to tip our hat just yet.  There should be pictures by tomorrow.  If I remember I will take the Nikon D50 down with me and get some pics with it.  It has the good flash so it is by far the best option indoors.

We watched some of That 70s Show and then it was time for bed.  Dominica managed to get to bed about an hour or more before I did.  I never get enough time to make up for lost sleep once I start down that road.  Just not enough time in the day.

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