October 3, 2007: Homework Day

It is a light rain and medium fog in Newark today. A perfect day for being productive. Sunlight always drains me so much.

I read a great, new essay from Paul Graham today on the lack of differentiation between universities. A very good read. I also really enjoy his essay on The Age of the Essay. Nothing like an essay about essays.  Paul makes some excellent points.  He is definitely one of the best writers in an industry known for the strength of its exposition.

Nothing to really mention about the day.  How much can you really read about how my work day is?  I mean really!

Today is a mad crazy homework day for me.  I have a big Java project due on Thursday and I want to get it wrapped up today so that I don’t have to work on it on our anniversary.

Dominica did some grocery shopping on her way home from work so she got home around six thirty.  We ordered dinner in from Nino’s to make the evening faster.  Both of us are doing a lot of homework tonight.  This dual student thing is tough.

We watched two episodes of the first season of The Cosby Show and then got back to work.  Today is really nothing but work.  🙁

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