October 5, 2007: Long Day – Work and Driving

Congratulations to Phil and Kate Ayers who are welcoming into the world their first child born yesterday, on Dominica and my anniversary, at 9:45am. It is very apropos that their first child be born on our anniversary considering that Dominica and I met at Phil and Kate’s wedding which also happened to be Phil’s birthday.

Before heading off to bed last night I took the time to finish downloading the installation CD for OpenSuse 10.3 KDE. I have been running on OpenSuse 10.1 for a year or more now and I am ready for an update.

Since I have been so anxious to try out the latest incarnation of OpenSuse I decided to just go ahead and get it installed before going to bed. It isn’t that risky for me, even though I am installing to my primary desktop, because I have two separate hard drives and everything important from the system drive is backed up to the data drive and all of the really critical stuff is backed up on my SAN drives. And besides, Linux is known for very smooth upgrades compared to other operating systems. There is very little to worry about.

Since I was up waiting for the install to continue I decided to pay some bills that needed to be taken care of. I figured that I shouldn’t be wasting the time.

I didn’t actually get into the office until pretty late as I got caught doing quite a bit of work from home this morning. To save time I just hit McDonald’s on the road and ate in the car on the way into the office.

My afternoon ended up being crammed with work and I got stuck working quite late. You have to expect that on a Friday night and especially on a Friday night when I am going to be traveling. Dominica left from Nutley at five but hit horrible traffic and called me at the office at seven twenty to let me know that she had just crossed into Pennsylvania. So she has more than a two hour head start on me but I have a tiny distance advantage – nothing to compare to two hours through. Fifteen to twenty minutes of distance advantage at best. She and Oreo will arrive at dad’s long before I do.

I am going to be very tired tomorrow morning when I have to get up at six to start working again.  But at least I get overtime today and tomorrow.  Helps to pay for all of the driving.

It is just after seven thirty right now and I am wrapping up and logging off and heading out to the car.  It is going to be a long night and I will be really lucky if I manage to get four hours of sleep before having to get back to work.  Enjoy your weekends.

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